How To Stimulate A Man With Erectile Dysfunction

Man With Erectile Dysfunction

April 25th, 2020   |   Updated on May 20th, 2020

If you have a partner suffering from erectile dysfunction, you know how sensitive and challenging a topic it can be. Men feel inadequate and embarrassed. You feel worried and insecure.

So much emotional connection is attached to this element of your sex life. The erectile dysfunction can feel like the proverbial elephant in the room.

So, let’s get it out in the open? What should you do if your man is experiencing erectile dysfunction? How can you be both supportive and address the problem?

How to stimulate a man with erectile dysfunction is probably something else you’re worried about.

Read on to learn about how to address this touchy topic and make your relationship and sex life healthier.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are any number of problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Factors like age, health, and lifestyle can all be a part of the problem.

Life is full of stressors. For men who are younger, stress, depression, and anxiety can lead to situational erectile dysfunction.

Men can even feel the pressure to perform so much that it leads to the ED.

For men taking blood pressure or anti-depressant medication, they may experience ED too.

How Can You Help?

It’s pretty normal to suddenly feel like this is your fault. You may have felt like what if my partner isn’t attracted to me anymore? What if I no longer arouse them?

This can not only affect your relationship but you too.

Here are some things you can do.


It’s very likely a medically related issue. Learn more about erectile dysfunction and its medical connections.

The more you know the better to be able to understand where your partner’s ED is coming from.

Assure Him

Let’s be honest here, men are going to be highly sensitive about this. Assure him that he is valued as a man and this isn’t going to take a toll on his masculinity.

Talk through your feelings and see if you can get him to talk about it too.

Offer To Go To The Doctor With Him

If the problem doesn’t subside, you need him to see a doctor.

Again, this is likely to be embarrassing and uncomfortable. The more open and upfront you are, the more you take away the taboo.

Offer to go to the doctor with him so you can both hear about options for treatment.

There are medications that can treat the ED. Men can even order online the medication to avoid the pharmacy if they feel embarrassed.

Be prepared to assure your partner medication may not work instantly.

Doctors are knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. It’s literally their job to talk through this kind of problem.

Work To Remain Intimate

Intimacy doesn’t mean just sex. Do your part to be close to your partner.

Don’t let your own worries or insecurities allow you to pull away. That only causes a greater divide between you.

Work to remain close with physical touch and closeness.

More Common Than You Think

Because men feel such stigma and embarrassment, this isn’t exactly dinner party conversation.

Your partner might not realize how common this problem actually is for men. Depending on how you exactly define it, between 15 and 30 million men will experience erectile dysfunction.

For some, it happens only occasionally and is considered situational. For others, it is a more chronic condition.

Factors like age, medical history and medications can all be a factor. There are a few ways to react.

You ignore the problem and try hard as a couple to pretend it doesn’t exist. Or you talk about it and try to solve it.

Be careful to avoid putting so much pressure on a man to “fix the problem” that it only adds to the issue.

Anger and avoidance don’t help your relationship. Again, the more you can address it as a couple, the better.

Open up the lines of communication so you both feel like you are supported and working on it together. It’s important neither partner feels at fault.

What You Can To Help

Of course, you want to help. The ED impacts your sex life too. So, how can you work together to help work through the problem? (This is assuming it isn’t entirely a medical condition and/or you have addressed the need for medication).

Make adjustments to your sex life. In fact, changing up your expectations for sex might be good for both of you.

There are many ways to please and satisfy each other without the act of intercourse. Think back to your early dating days.

Stop focusing on just the penis. You can find ways to be close and intimate without putting the pressure on his penis to perform.

Think about how you can expand your views on sexuality to take the pressure off of each other and to still have some pleasure and intimacy.

Think about trying:

  • Manual stimulation
  • Oral stimulation
  • Stroking
  • Kissing

Take all the nerves and taboo and set them aside. Try to think about ways you could spice up your relationship to cause a new kind of arousal.

See if he is open to sex toys, and a vibrator. Watch movies together and show him how he can please you with the vibrator. He might find these new features of your sex life quite arousing.

You might feel reluctant or nervous to suggest these things but imagine if they work.

You and your partner will feel closer than ever. Be mindful of how sensitive this will be for your partner and do it in the spirit of love, closeness, and intimacy.

Understanding How To Stimulate A Man With Erectile Dysfunction

Most men will feel sensitive and embarrassed about this topic.

The more knowledge and understanding both partners have the better they are able to address the issue.

Knowing how to stimulate a man with erectile dysfunction is one part of the equation. Get a full medical exam too. Learning to communicate with each other is also key.

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