How To Track Your eBay Package As A Guest


October 18th, 2019   |   Updated on June 16th, 2021

eBay has secured a spot at the top of global online marketplaces, so millions of purchases take place on this platform every day. However, as any other retailer, eBay needs to take care of its rating and reputation, which is directly affected by the reported quality of order tracking that it provides.

In connection with this, eBay invests enough time, money, and energy in making package tracking a hassle-free and convenient process.

As soon as you register with eBay and conduct purchases from your personal cabinet, everything is simple – the eBay system takes the information from your profile (e.g., your email, home address, phone number, etc.) to help you track a package in real time. But eBay also provides an opportunity to buy items as a guest.

In this case, you don’t provide any registration details and proceed to the checkout right away.

Will you receive a tracking number in this case? How will you track an order purchased in this way? Specialists from have compiled a simple guide for you to follow not to lose your eBay shipment out of sight.

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1. Buying As A Guest On eBay


eBay does its best to make the purchase process as convenient as possible, so even those who have no account (and don’t wish to set up one) can buy items from it just in a couple of clicks.

You may use a guest login function to do so. To buy as a guest, all you need to do is select an item you wish to purchase, click “Buy It Now” and choose the “Continue as a Guest” option. Once this is done, you’ll be required to provide some contact details important for precise shipping, such as your shipping address, email, and the preferred mode of payment.

This mode of buying is really convenient for those who don’t buy too often on eBay and don’t need an account there.

Moreover, it’s much faster than the first-time purchase and creation of a new account as it requires only minimum information from you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that buying as a guest conceals some risks as you may experience more hardship returning a corrupt item.

While a registered user has an easy refund claim option, those who bought items as guests may need to go through lengthier refund and return procedures. They may also find it harder to identify the lost or non-delivered items as no information about them is stored in the eBay system.

2. Postal Tracking Of Guest Orders


A reasonable question that many eBay guest buyers ask is, “will I be able to track my order?” The answer is, not always. However, it has nothing to do with buying as a guest or a registered user.

Not all parcels shipped from eBay to customers receive a unique post office tracking number for their secure and comfortable tracking.

But it’s not a surprise – you can see the “track number” sign next to the item you are planning to buy before the actual purchase. If you buy a trackable item (which is sent via USPS in most cases), you are likely to get that ID right to your email as soon as your shipment is ready for dispatch.

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3. Track A Shipment With


No matter whether you order from eBay as a registered user or as a guest, makes the process of your parcel tracking as easy as never before.

You won’t spend more than 2 minutes on registration, while putting in your track order number into the system only once provides you with all relevant updates on the parcel’s status right until it reaches your doorstep.

Manage all parcels in one account instead of logging in to all merchant or postal carrier sites or loading dozens of apps. unifies hundreds of carriers in one place and delivers real-time updates on all shipments, keeping you informed and relaxed.