5 Stunning Examples Of Futuristic Dental Surgeries

Our Family Dental Clinic

November 28th, 2018   |   Updated on April 23rd, 2021

It’s fair to say that no-one really enjoys going to the dentist. Dental offices are associated with equal helpings of agonising pain and boredom.

Part of the problem is because we all know what to expect – we all know what they look like, how we feel while they are there, it’s hard to feel anything but dread when you know you have to go to the dentist, even just for a check-up.

Therefore, dental office design has a huge part to play. We want to show how some truly remarkable dental surgeries around the world elevated their dental office design to transform them into more comfortable and inviting environments, rather than the very clinical and sanitary look and feel others tend to have.

1. Dental Clinic With Theme Park

Dental Clinic With Theme Park

While most people don’t like the dentist and find it scary, it’s kids that hate it even more so. However, does it really have to be that way?

Smiling Frog, Valencia took inspiration from theme parks to create something special and more comfortable for children. They decided to make it a fun and inviting place, including features such as intricate and deep coloured murals, genie lamps, safari exploration and an adventure room among many other things.


2. Dental Quarters, Perth

Dental Quarters, Perth

Dental Quarters in Perth is an excellent example of a well-decorated and arranged dental office. It features some very striking and appealing decorations collected from around the world.

It has been elevated from the dull and unpleasant looks of most dental offices to something that has very luxurious looking soft armchairs and a colour scheme and decor that screams luxury apartment. Run of the miss dental office this is not.


3. Colourful Dental Clinic

Colourful Dental Clinic

Generally speaking, you expect dental offices to be mostly white, right? It’s because it is clean and looks fresh, that many have very white dental offices.

However, the whole mood and atmosphere of a dental office could be greatly altered by adding splashes of colour, in a similar fashion to the, aptly-named, Colourful Dental Clinic.

Not only are there some very great uses of strategic lighting, vintage brick finishing, but there are some interesting and bold colours. It looks more visually stunning and more like an interior design retail outlet than a dental office.


4. Our Family Dental Clinic

Our Family Dental Clinic

Another great futuristic and modern approach to dental office design is the Our Family Dental Clinic. This is a great example of designers using a blend of different design elements you’d normally find in residential buildings to give the dental office a more comfortable look and feel.

It features vintage-style brick walls, a round table and incredibly comfy seats. Visiting this you could be forgiven, while waiting for your appointment, for forgetting you were even at the dentist.


5. Dental INN

Dental INN

The Dental INN is based in Viernheim, Germany and is another dental office that takes inspiration from private residence interior design concepts.

It features a spacious open-floor plan with sliding glass doors and motifs depicting the natural world to having a very calming effect on patients. It still manages to maintain the feel of a professional workplace, just without all the dread and dullness.