How To Organize Your Gmail: Best Tips And Tricks

Organize Your Gmail

Published on May 24th, 2020

According to Radicati tech marketing firm, last year more than 280 billion emails were sent and the number will surely only grow with time.

However, we are not talking about the high number of emails only; it also means the amount of time we usually take responding to as well as looking at those messages.

Almost 80% of Americans use their email app such as Gmail on their smartphones and according to a review done by MIT Technology, an average American almost spends 24 hours every week online.

In other words, we can say that they almost spend an entire day looking at the screen every week, and Gmail remains one of the most popular email service providers in 2020.

If you are using your Gmail app frequently, with time you may run out of space and have an overwhelmed mailbox. We have come up with some tips and tricks that will help you master your inbox like a professional:

1. Use Google’s Smart Compose Feature

Gmail has a smart compose feature that automatically complete sentences for you. You just need to start typing and after that Google’s artificial intelligence automatically guesses what you are typing.

So, you just have to press the ‘tab’ key and the smart feature will complete your sentence. In the case of mobile phones, you need to swipe the arrow that will appear on the screen while typing.

In order to turn on this feature, you need to go to the Settings-General-Smart Compose. You can successfully activate this AI feature by following this.

Another positive aspect of this feature is that you can even send feedback to Google so that this AI Smart Compose feature can learn your style and preferences.


2. Organize Your Gmail By Using ‘Schedule Send’ Feature


Gmail is equipped with endless features that will help you to organize your mailbox effectively and the ‘schedule send’ is one of them.

Just imagine, you have to send an email at 8 p.m. but your favorite show will be broadcasted at the same time or you are going out where Wi-Fi will not be available, but you have to send your assignments to your boss.

So what will you do in such scenarios? You don’t have to worry as Gmail’s ‘schedule send’ feature will eliminate all these problems.

You just need to compose your email first and then click the arrow button next to the ‘send’ option. After clicking, the ‘Schedule Send’ option will appear on the screen.

Click that option and set your time and date. After completing everything, you just need to do nothing but relax as Gmail will do the rest.

3. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Managing your Gmail has become easier than ever. There is no need to invest your precious time clicking and sending emails.

You can save a lot of your time by using keyboard shortcuts. For example, in order to enable keyboard shortcuts, you have to go to settings and turn ‘keyboard shortcuts‘ on.

After doing that, you can easily get the compose option by just pressing C on your keyboard.


4. Clean Up Your Inbox

You can organize your mailbox by cleaning it up to get rid of unwanted emails. However, most people don’t know how to clean up Gmail effectively.

You can check this guide from Clean Email to organize Gmail like a pro and have a wonderful email experience.

So, these are some tips and tricks that will definitely help you a lot to organize your Gmail. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.