What Is Recruiting CRM Software & Its Benefits?

What Is Recruiting CRM Software & Its Benefits

Published on July 10th, 2020

Recruiting CRM Software is an HR software used by the recruiters for hiring candidates and to make personalized communication with them. Year’s back Recruiting Process was done manually which was time-consuming and more expensive. However, recruiters realized these things and thought to add technology in the whole recruiting process so they agreed to adopt Recruiting CRM Software.

Many sellers offer CRM recruitment in the cloud, so installation and long-term contracts are not complicated. You can only fill in details online and pay for the system. The start of CRM software is fairly simple and quick. Most CRM applications recruitment and personal companies, to save their time and give their customers and applicants better services.

Recruiter worldwide was only satisfied with their applicant tracking systems until recently. Recruitment, however, has changed. Recruiting top talent is becoming more difficult. Recruiters can not rely solely on work ads and libraries for the search for candidates. A recruiter is paid to hire passive applicants. Recruitment is not transactional anymore-it is relativistic.

A modern hirer must go to the market, track down the perfect candidate and create an interview with her! Recruitment has shifted to be more focused on individuals and ties.

In the current scenario, there is an increase in the job seeker and competition in the job market recruiters realized that the whole hiring process which includes paperwork, email to an individual candidate, etc. will no longer possible so many leading employers have chosen the Recruiting CRM Software.

Features Of Recruiting CRM Software:

1. Candidate Relationship Management

With the help of Recruiting CRM Software recruiter can deliver the best candidate experience. Once you will set up the Recruiting CRM software your candidates can easily do things such as self-registration to your talent pool, can search for the matching jobs and apply for the same, can check interview status, can track application status and so on.

2. Client Relationship Management

Recruiting CRM Software is not limited up to Candidate Relationship Management. Client Relationship Management is the feature from which you can add and manage the information of the clients can also have transparent email communication.

Candidate can also share the resumes to the client with just one click. You can also track client-related activities. All the information about your client details you will get in one place.

3. Lead Management

Leads can be easily generated with the help of Recruiting CRM Software. After generating leads tracking of such leads is done easily and can also communicate through email. There is one important thing you can directly do through the software is you can set up a call reminder.

4. Vendor Relationship Management

There N a numbers of companies you might be working with some of them provide you with access to allocated jobs and candidate submission. CRM Software will help you to manage vendors into the system itself.

Vendors details can be managed, you can track the chat history with any vendor, can also change the status of the vendor according to the ongoing process. Job information can be sent to the vendors through the software. Access of the system is provided by you to your vendors and can track their activities by activity stream report.

5. Interviewer Relationship Management

You can easily set, track, and check the interview with the help of Interview Relationship Management. A reminder can be set; the client’s feedback can be set you can also synchronize information with Google or Gmail calendar.

The interviewer can send feedback through email without login. From start to end every small detail of the candidate’s interview can be managed through Interviewer Relationship Management.

6. Candidate On-Boarding

In simple terms, On-Boarding means a candidate is hired for the job applied for job and candidates can onboard to the company to know companies’ objectives and culture. Onboarding is the part of automation which makes the work easy for the candidates.

With the help of CRM, software candidate appears to the onboarding screen and the user can select the fields and documents which they want to share with the selected candidate through email.

Candidate experience is becoming a priority nowadays. Whether your company is a recruiter’s company or not you need one very well-organized system. Those systems are like CRM Software which makes your work easy and less expensive. We can say that by installing this software recruiters do smart work, not hard work. Candidates are the asset for any company and treating them like assets you need the help of Recruiting CRM Software.