WhatsApp Marketing: Tool For Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Published on December 7th, 2020

In the world, around 2 billion people use WhatsApp. If you see around yourself, almost all your colleagues, friends, family members use WhatsApp.

People share almost 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos daily and send around 65 billion text messages every day via messenger service.

Most people agree with the fact that our world has become a WhatsApp world. Messenger app supports 60 languages, and the people of 180 countries use this application.

WhatsApp promotion has become an essential tool for marketers’ success as it provides a massive opportunity in marketing to enable instant customer service and highly targeted marketing.

It has also become a convenient method for businesses to have conversations with potential customers.

The marketers use various features of WhatsApp for increment in sales. These features include WhatsApp status, Automated Messages, Informative Profile, Multimedia, and Voice/Video Conferencing.

Advantages Of WhatsApp Marketing

Outreach: With the help of a personalized communication channel, you will boost your number of customers. In addition to that, having a consumer base from different locations will help extend your business’s reach.

Links and connections: From customer acquisition to sales, communication is a significant feature that WhatsApp messenger provides. So, in all the stages of the transaction, you can streamline your communication with your customers.

Security: WhatsApp is a sage marketing tool. It does not involve the chance of fraudulent messages through multiple channels as people have only a mobile number as a source of information. Brand recognition also increases as people customize their brand name on the business profile.

After-sales services: Via the use of WhatsApp, companies can quickly clarify their customers’ queries or doubts, which helps them provide stunning after-sales services.

Examples Of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Case Study 1: The Netflix WhatsApp Campaign

Today, most people have the craze of binge-watching the entire season of their favorite web-series. The basic idea of this campaign was to re-engage those people who are inactive on Netflix presently.

When you register your phone number on Netflix and use the same number for WhatsApp, they will start sending you suggestions.

Netflix knows how to turn the tables on their side, so they will not send offers of random web-series; instead, they will send recommendations of the content you love to watch.

Case Study 2: The BookMyShow WhatsApp Campaign

BookMyShow is India’s online ticketing giant, and after realizing the importance of WhatsApp messenger, BookMyShow made WhatsApp the official ticket confirmation channel.

BookMyShow had a dual advantage because of this partnership. They were able to create a database of the customers and had Upselling and movie tickets. They will be able to sell popcorn and food to their moviegoers.

Case Study 3: Clarks WhatsApp Campaign

Clarks was one of the first brands to use WhatsApp Messenger for marketing purposes. It aimed to change the perception of people about their brand.

Through the feature of live-chat with their customers, they targeted a particular segment of people to engage with the young demographic.

10 Ways To Use WhatsApp As A Sales Tactic

Use WhatsApp As A Sales Tactic

1. Targeting Your Potential Customers

By creating and targeting groups on WhatsApp, you will engage a more extensive customer base of potential customers.

You can add video-content; this will enable you to get a better reach of your potential customers.

The group members will share your content with their contacts; as more and more people will see your content, eventually, the number of members in your group.

2. Exemplify

When you add a new product to your inventory, you can describe that product as your status so that people in your contact lists will get to know about your new product.

3. Offers

Providing daily/weekly/monthly giveaways will increase the foot traffic in your store and will also increase the quantity of traffic on your website. It will also help you in lowering the expenses of any other marketing venture.

4. Forming Associations

Partnering with influencers, collaborating with nearby businesses will help you increase your WhatsApp groups, and with the help of status, you can eventually become a part of their conversations.

5. Exclusive Access

With the help of instant interaction via status, you can have special access to events. For example: if you have a singer in your music store or any professional expert in your firm, you can easily share this with your contacts via status.

6. Customer Relations

Apart from having WhatsApp groups, you can also have one-on-one conversations with your potential customers to build and maintain a direct relationship with them.

They will be able to message you directly when they want to place an order, have queries or doubts about any product.

7. Client Service

For helping your customers, video creation is a good option because of these videos or live tutorials, reliability will build between you and your customers, and for having any additional services, you will top their first preferential order.

8. Customer Service

Real-time customer service via WhatsApp messenger is a boon for many businesses. They can quickly reply to their customers and provide them with a personal service experience by sharing text messages, audio, and videos about their business and products.

9. Assessment Of Business

70% is the open rate for WhatsApp messages. Therefore, adopting the method of creating questions for your group members will help you get appropriate answers regarding your business. This method is free and also one of the best practices for market research.

You can have entertaining questionnaires with your customers about the improvement of your products and services you provide.

To build and maintain long-term customer relations, future engagement and make them brand loyal, you can reward them with special offers or coupons.

10. Voucher Codes

You can share promotional/voucher codes with your customers to redeem while having transactions with your business.

In addition to this, you can use the Status feature of WhatsApp to let everyone in your contacts know about the promotions you are carrying out.

You can use flash sales and coupons along with promotional codes for more engagement to your store or get quantity traffic on your website.

WhatsApp is emerging as a fantastic communication tool for businesses, and also it is regularly evolving.

Its versatility is helping companies to increase their reach and customer base. So, for better and valuable engagement of people, you can use its various features and learn about your customers’ needs and preferences.