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3 Best Filtered Water Bottles In The Market

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles - 24 or 32 Ounce Fruit Infuser Bottle

Published on April 9th, 2019

Water is an essential human need and we cannot do without it. Awareness about the importance of healthy drinking water has been around for quite some time. Today it is a widely accepted fact that regular tap water that is supplied to us is not fit for drinking.

That is the reason why most people today have installed water filtration equipment’s in the houses so that they can ensure safe and healthy drinking water. The problem is that you are not always in your own premises and not every place will be having filtration equipment to cater to your needs.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles - 24 or 32 Ounce Fruit Infuser Bottle

Primarily, people have found a solution to the problem in bottled water that is sold commercially. These bottled water brands claim to offer safe and healthy drinking water with necessary minerals.

On the downside, the bottled water is contained in bottles made of non-food grade plastic and are often exposed to hot weather as well. As a result, this water can end up doing more harm than good.

The environmental damage caused by them is an additional hazard. That raises a question that how can one have access to safe drinking water while on the move? The simplest solution to the problem is the revolutionary filtered water bottles.

Filtered water bottles are like regular water bottles, but they have an inbuilt filtration system that blocks out impurities and allows to drink safe and healthy drinking water. If you are new to filtered water bottles, here are some of the best filtered water bottles reviewed to help you.


1. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

This is a very lightweight filtered water bottle that is exceptionally effective in doing its job. It filters out 99% of the impurities in water such as silt, sediments, salt, and other contaminants and allows you to drink healthy water. This bottle is very easy to use and is a great buy if you are going hiking, camping, and other such outdoor activities.


2. Survival BPA Free Filtered Water Bottle

This filtered water bottle offers an amazing functionality with its four-layered filtration system that not only filters sediments and salts, but also clears other impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring that you get safe and healthy water anytime anywhere. One edge that ts bottle has over its competitors is that it is made using high-quality food grade BPA free plastic. Moreover, the water bottle has a great life span and the filter needs to be replaced every eight months.


3. Brita Sports Water Bottle

Brita is a trusted name when it comes to water purification systems. This filtered water bottle by Brita is also made of BPA free plastic which is a plus from a health point of view. These bottles have a very effective filtration system that blocks out chlorine, sediments and other basic impurities including viruses and bacteria. The bottle design and its flip-open straw system make it an excellent pick for fitness enthusiasts who would not want to disrupt their workout for a sip of water.