Telescoping Flagpole: The Dos’ And Don’ts Of Installing One

Telescoping Flagpole

Published on April 29th, 2019

Adorn the front yard or garden area of your home with a telescoping flagpole while indulging in the feeling of patriotism. These lightweight flagpoles are easy to install.

However, there are a few things that you need to watch out for to complete your installation project. This article will walk you through them. Let’s first see how to set up a flagpole.

Telescoping Flagpole


Steps For Setting Up Telescoping Flagpole

  • First, you have to choose a correct location for installation, which may be your lawn or one corner of the driveway. If you plan to do it in the garden, then make sure that its soil is firm.
  • You would need a sleeve to hold the flagpole. The top ends of the soil and the ground sleeve should merge in a way that they become even. Measure the ground sleeve lengthwise and whatever is the size, add another two inches to it.
  • After that, you would have to make a hole of about 8 inches wide in the soil. The depth of the cavity should match the length of the sleeve while being an additional 2 inches deep. That extra depth has to be filled with gravel for leveling. Take a sturdy piece of plastic sheet for mixing concrete with little water on it.
  • Ensure that the flagpole doesn’t go down the bottom part of the ground sleeve by fitting a bolt across it. The bottom area of the ground sleeve should be covered too.
  • Place the sleeve in the center of the hole in a perpendicular fashion and fill the surrounding cavity with concrete. The ground sleeve should not move from its location. Allow the concrete to get dry thoroughly while sprinkling some water on it at times.
  • Fasten a flash collar to the flagpole so that it sits firmly in the sleeve. Generally, telescoping flagpoles don’t come with a halyard, so you would have to clip the flag to the pole on the top.
  • Finally, use the locking clamp to secure the pole in its position.

You can find a lot of telescoping flag poles for sale in stores. They come in different sizes with attractive features. Select one that you believe suits the surroundings of your home the best.

Since they don’t need halyards, they impart a unique look to the settings, and their reliable built protects them against windy conditions.

However, no matter which style you pick for your lawn or yard, you have to be careful about specific things to install it successfully.


Things To Remember While Placing The Telescoping Flagpole

  • The spot where you intend to install your flagpole should be away from the reach of automobiles, lawn equipment, etc. There shouldn’t be any overhead obstructions too.
  • The size of the hole you dig shouldn’t be too small or big. Also, it should have enough depth to fit the ground sleeve creating a flat top surface.
  • Avoid using sand or dirt as the filling. Concrete makes a better choice.
  • Don’t remove the plastic wrap from your flagpole before completing the installation.

With these fundamental points, you can install your telescoping flagpole with ease within a matter of time. So, go for it!