Apple iPhone 12 Mini Review: The Perfect Small Phone

apple iphone 12 mini

Published on November 16th, 2020

A colleague of mine was looking to replace his iPhone 5c. I suggested that he use the new iPhone SE or the 7 which was new and improved. He settled for the iPhone 7 and it was a little bigger than his last phone.

There is the iPhone 12 that is mini that has all of the same great features that users have come to expect from the iPhone only in a smaller and more compact size.

The iPhone 12 has a Super Retina XDR OLELd, 4GB of Ram, is ultra-wide, has a front camera, and a battery that charges quickly. It runs on the iOS 14 operating system.

The phone also runs with 1080 x 2340 and 476 PPI. It uses the Apple A14 bionic which allows the phone to be powerful and offers the performance that users have come to expect from an iPhone.

iPhone 12 Mini

This is the ideal phone for three groups of people.

  1. People that are looking for a smaller phone or have small hands. The phone will be easier for them to hold and to operate.
  2. Someone that is looking for a new phone but does not want to spend a lot of money. The min is small making it less expensive than other iPhone full sized phone.
  3. People that are looking for something different. The screen is only 5.4 inches. It will stand out among all of the larger phones that the average consumer has been using.

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How Effective Is The iPhone 12 Mini?

This phone may be small but is thin. The phone is lightweight and easy to hold. Eighty-five percent of the size of the phone is the screen.

This new phone will fit well into purses and shoulder bags. It will also fit well into pants pockets.

What Is Good About The iPhone 12 Mini?

The phone has a frosted aluminum look. It was nicer than some other colors and stands out. There is a glass finish and the wireless charging is an added benefit. There is a little bump where the camera is so it is recommended to use a cover.

There are smaller phones than the iPhone 12 but the display is the same as the larger model phones. The eyes may take some time to adjust to the smaller screen. This may be hard after having a large phone.

The mini is powered by the A14 Bionic and the Pro Max processing power is good. This phone is easy to handle and has all of the features that the average person needs.

It has a 4K recording and is steady. A video can be taken and edited on the phone. The color and the exposure can be changed with no problem. All of this is done on the little phone.

The phone does have a mini battery and it around 20 percent smaller than other models. With regular usage, the battery can last for around 12 hours.

This phone has a dual camera and is 12 mp wide. This offers the same impressive results as other iPhone models.

The process is quick and the low light photograph is very fast. The pictures are even better in good lighting including pictures that are taken outdoors.

The wide-angled camera takes great low light images. When using the ultra-wide feature the images do not come out as clear.

You can use the 5x digital zoom since there is no telephoto lens. The results are still good and the camera has some good results. You can still take quality photos.

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Should You Buy The iPhone 12 Mini?

This mini will help you if you are having trouble with the larger phones and are looking for something smaller to fit into your purse or pocket. This phone is good for those that want something compact and is easy to take on the go.

This mini is also cheaper than the other iPhone models. The phone is good for a person that is looking for a powerful iPhone that is not as large as other models and is at a more affordable price. If you are a user that likes bigger phones that the regular-sized iPhone 12 is a good choice for you.