A Guide To Buying Men’s Jewelry

Men’s Jewelry

May 31st, 2021   |   Updated on December 18th, 2021

Buying gifts for that special man in your life can be quite a challenging task. Whether it is your dad, son, brother, or whoever; you want to be sure the gift you get is something they can cherish for a long time to come.

Jewelry is one gift that you can give them that will certainly be something they can keep forever. And, it has been a fairly common gift for men going back thousands of years.

While jewelry for men these days is much less of a status symbol and more of a fashion statement, you still want to be sure you get the right thing, right?

Let’s go over three main things to consider when looking for men’s jewelry. Consider these the top three tips on how to buy men’s jewelry.

Know His Work

This is something that can easily be overlooked when purchasing anything to be worn by any man, but it can potentially be hazardous if not considered. The type of jewelry a man can wear is affected by what type of work he does.

Men who work around saws, for example, have to be very cautious of anything hanging loose while on the job, while men who work around heavy equipment may not be allowed to wear it at work at all.

This doesn’t mean jewelry is a bad idea, just that you want to make sure it can be easily and quickly removed, if necessary.

Know His Size

This one is more commonly taken into consideration, especially in the case of buying rings. Ring sizes have to be fairly close so that they can be taken on and off, but also won’t slip off at random times.

Necklaces also require thought into size as some guys have thicker necks, and also length because you do not want any chain or necklace hanging too low on the chest.

Not only can a chain being too long just simply look funny, but it can also prove to be a hazard if it gets caught on something.

Imagine trying to get your boogie on and catching your arm in your necklace, leading you to essentially clothesline yourself; that’s why chain length is important.

You simply can not be taking yourself out on the dance floor. Avoid this before you ever give it by checking the size well.

Know His Style

Since jewelry for men is becoming more and more of a fashion statement, you certainly want to consider the fashion sense of the person you are buying for when you are buying it.

Some guys prefer one color of metal over another color of metal, and some just prefer one type of metal over another; you just have to figure out who you are buying for.

For instance, if you are buying for your husband and he has never worn a ring made from gold, maybe stick with some form of silver or titanium ring.

However, if every piece of jewelry he owns is a bright, shiny gold; you definitely wouldn’t want to go with silver, as it would just be out of place with the style.

Short List, Important Tips

While this is by no means an in-depth guide on the ins and outs of the jewelry business, maybe these tips can help someone out there in internet land. The best news is that, for most people, it truly is the thought that counts.

So, even if you make a slight miscalculation on what to buy, you can almost guarantee you will never know. Don’t be intimidated, be assured that he will love it.