5 Future Smart Car Technologies You’ll Love

Smart Car Technologies

September 3rd, 2019   |   Updated on February 13th, 2021

Progress in smart car technology shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s explore what has been already achieved and what innovations are in store for us in the future of auto tech. Geek out as we predict what could soon be available to us on a more commercial scale.

In the last decade alone, we’ve witnessed amazing developments in smart car technology. Car manufacturers keep upping their game when it comes to convenience and safety. There seem to be no signs of them slowing down, and we’re not about to complain about that.

We’re all excited to see how much further auto tech is going. It’ll change the way we travel and go about our days. It could even save our lives from road mishaps.

What we can observe now is that car technology certainly improves our work lives. Our cars essentially become our command center, where we organize our day-to-day.

Public sector jobs benefit from an enhancement like a camera system or police scanner. Pretty soon, these fancy tools will be available on a more commercial scale. For now, let’s explore what future car technology has in store for us modern passengers.

1. Fully Automated Cars

Electric cars

The concept of this self-driving car is nothing new. But it is only now that we’re coming close to perfecting this technology. Soon, it’s plausible that we’d be going around in driverless vehicles. This frees us up to do other stuff like talk, work, and catch a few z’s.

Best of all, we’re looking at a zero-incident future, where road accidents are a thing of the past. Most auto mishaps happen because of human error. Because we’re taking away the need to rely on our senses and reflexes, driving becomes more calculated and safe.

On a larger scale, fully automated cars will reduce traffic and take the hassle out of parking. Ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber would cut their labor costs by millions if they made the switch to this technology. That’s why people are dead set on investing in self-driving car technology stock while it’s still fairly early.

2. Non-Bulky Batteries

Electric or even hybrid car technology has helped cut down on CO2 emissions, but their batteries are still a bit sizeable. In electric car battery technology, we have sheet thin power sources to look forward to. These would be batteries that are hidden in plain sight because they would be replacing the outer covering of the car. How cool is that?

These thin and bendable panels wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, and they would power the car without taking up valuable space. As of now, this idea hasn’t quite come to fruition. But we wouldn’t be surprised if a leading innovator like Tesla would come out with something like this.

3. Firmware Updates And Smartphone Integration

Future car technology

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could update your car the way you update your computer? In this day and age, you can. With a firmware update, you can improve your car’s Wi-Fi connectivity, tire pressure, and charging capacity, among other things.

And sure, plugging your smartphone into your car’s console is something you can now do. You can stream music, set appointments, and control your phone through voice commands. However, we would love to see a more integrated system where you can make use of your phone’s functionalities through the steering wheel or dashboard. This is surely not just a pipedream, but it hasn’t happened yet.

4. Augmented Reality Display

It looks like new car technology is headed towards what we’ve seen if Sci-Fi movies. With a minimalistic display on our windscreens, we can keep track of speed, navigation, and relevant updates without taking our eyes off the road. It seems like something out of Blade Runner, right?

This is currently possible with an iPhone and an app called HUDWAY. It’s pretty nifty, but still has a lot of room for improvement. For example, you can’t see the information clearly under bright conditions.

5. Self-Healing Components

Сar technology

Cars are costly to maintain, especially with frequent trips to the mechanic for a repair job here and there. Luckily, self-healing tires and paint are in the works.

Scratches on your car’s paint job will magically fade in minutes. Punctured tires will be able to plug themselves up with new patented rubber tech. In the meantime, check out the best headlight restorer for added safety.


Most of what we’ve predicted about auto tech in the past is now available to the public. While flying cars are still way ahead of us, we still can’t help but marvel at how far engineering has come. Do you have any other cool features that you’re looking forward to? Share them below and let’s geek out.

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