4 Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Cruise Dining Experience

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Published on April 9th, 2020

Ask one of the 28.5 million people who took a cruise in 2018 what their favorite part was. A common answer you’ll hear is the cruise dining. This isn’t your typical buffet food.

These days the food you’ll find on a cruise will rival some of the best restaurants in the world. Try out these tips on your next cruise to make the most of your foodie experience.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Order It

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When you sit down to eat in the main dining room, you’ll see a limited menu.

Each night that menu changes, so if you see something that sounds delicious, you need to take the opportunity and order it.

If you see two dishes that tickle your taste buds, order them both. You could order three or four if you wanted to.

No rule says you have to eat each dish in its entirety. Chances are, if one of them is especially good, it’ll be easy to find someone in your party willing to share.

Keep in mind that you’ve already paid for the food, so you should enjoy what you get.

Don’t be afraid to order something else right away if you don’t enjoy the dish that you chose.

2. Get Adventurous

Take the opportunity to try something new. Most cruise lines will try to feature the local cuisine in their menus, embrace it and try something you’d typically skip on the menu.

Remember, you’ve already paid for your trip, so there’s no risk in ordering the lobster and finding out that it’s not your thing.

Take in the west coast with cruises from California and try the local Napa Valley wine. Or try some Hawaiian inspired dishes. Or let your taste buds come alive with the flavors of South America.

3. Try a Specialty Restaurant

You may be tempted to skip the specialty restaurants; after all, you’ve already paid money for the cruise with included food. Why would you pay more for a special meal?

Except that some of those specialty restaurants are home to Michelin star chefs.

Cruise lines have elevated their food by seeking out some of the most well respected and highest rated chefs in the world. So try out a specialty restaurant and experience world-class cuisine.

4. Raid The Late Night Buffet

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Did you know there are food options around the clock? Check out the late-night buffet for a mouth-watering selection of desserts and comfort foods. These are those foods you’re craving and love to snack on.

Keep in mind that this special after-hours buffet may not be where the daytime one is located on the ship.

Scope it out in advance so you can take advantage of this late-night treat.

Plan Your Cruise Dining

Cruise dining is one of the most looked forward to parts of a cruise. Prepare for a mind-boggling number of options.

Use your cruise as an opportunity to indulge in your favorite foods or try new ones. Check out our other articles and get inspired to create some delicious desserts.