Why Gourd Pattern Jewelry Will Make You Forget About Everything

Gourd Jewelry

Published on July 22nd, 2019

Wearing jewelry is not only to decorate yourself. In ancient times, jewelry was the auspicious thing that expressed love and blessings. Wearing it has always had an unexpected effect.

Nowadays, the hot summer easily make people agitated, wear what jewelry can both settle your meditative mind and gather blessings but will not out of date?

A gourd is a mascot since ancient times, it can have good fortune and wealth.

1. What Is The Meaning Of The Gourd?

The gourd is homophonic to “Fu lu” in Chinese, meaning blessed and have a good fortune, it will bring good luck to the wearer.

1. Family Happiness

The shape of the gourd is a bit like a woman, very graceful, and has much seed inside… So there are also the meanings of family happiness, the population is flourishing, descendants are continuous.

2. Keep Safeness And Gather Blessing

Although the gourd hole is small, the belly is big, you can attract the blessing, and ensure that it does not flow out! Therefore, wearing gourd pattern jewelry here can also ensure safety and good luck.

3. To Improve The Feng Shui

The gourd is the first of the “Taoists Eight Treasures”. In the TV series, the Taoist priests of the celestial winds will carry the gourds with them, such as Li Tieh-Kuai, Buddha Jih, the Antarctic fairy, and so on. Therefore, the folks have a lot more customs related to a gourd.

For example, hanging a gourd on the beam of a house, meaning the home is safe; using a red string in series with 5 gourds as decorations, meaning the five blessings have descended upon the house and so on.

Therefore, if you wear the gourd jewelry with you, you can improve the feng shui fortune, not only benefit yourself but also blessing the whole family.

2. What Kind Of Material Is Suitable For Gourd Jewelry?

Gourd Jewelry

The gourd is different from the other pattern. It’s material selection range is much larger, and all of them are auspicious. The most common are the three as below:

1. Gold Gourd

The gold gourd is the most common, it is suitable for both men, women, and children. Gold has the effect of dispelling evil and attracting wealth, adding the meaning of the gourd itself is even more icing on the cake.

2. Jade Gourd

The jade gourd jewelry is green and expensive. It looks green and full of aura. Although the colorless and floating flower jade gourd is slightly lower in value, it is very suitable for purchase because of its exquisite and lovely. Of course, in addition to the jade, the gourd made of Hetian jade, malachite, turquoise, chalcedony agate, etc., is also very popular in the market.

3. Amber Beeswax Gourd

As a kind of organic gemstone, amber beeswax is lustrous and restrained, and it has the effect of strengthening the body. It is very suitable for making a gourd pattern! In addition to women, the elderly are also very suitable to wear.

3. How To Choose Gourd Jewelry

Gourd Jewelry

If you do not consider the material, the choice of the purchase of gourd jewelry should be considered from the perspective of the smoothness and size ratio.

1. Smooth Lines

All the lines of the gourd should be mellow and full, especially the curve of the bottle hole and the bottle body. If it is not smooth and sleek, it will affect the appearance.

2. Proportion Should Be Harmonious

Seeing from a distance, the gourd is just two circles. The ratio of the two circles directly determines the beauty of the gourd. According to the study, the width of the lower circle divided by the total height is equal to 0.618, which is the most harmonious proportion.

Just choose your favorite gourd pattern jewelry and have a cool summer.