Why You Need To Hire A Private Investigator In A Messy Divorce


Published on March 3rd, 2020

Divorce is never an easy subject to deal with. It is the severance of a bond that isn’t just on a relationship level, but it is also a bond that is recognized by the state and even the church in some cases.

Marriage does not merely bind two individuals together, but rather, it also binds their properties to each other. Forget the heartache, there is real money and there are real legalities involved in a divorce.

A messy divorce further compounds the difficulty of an already painful process. It’s during these extreme difficulties that you might want to consider enlisting the help of a professional, which in this case would be a private investigator. So, first things first:

What Is A Private Investigator?


A private investigator is a professional who performs investigations on behalf of a private client. Private investigators can work independently and they can also coordinate with law enforcement professionals.

They conduct investigations on missing people, background checks for companies, and they also conduct investigations for legal purposes, as is the case with divorce. So, how can a PI help you with your divorce?

To Prove Infidelity

You can’t prove infidelity without solid proof. Even if you aren’t interested in making it the basis for your divorce, proof of infidelity can be used in court to help in paying less or collecting more spousal support, and it can also be used to help gain custody of your children.

However, it’s important to note that evidence must be obtained by legal means, otherwise, it won’t be admissible in court. So, any evidence obtained through illegal means, such as wire-tapping and trespassing will not be admissible in court, no matter how compelling it may be.

Discover Hidden Assets

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Equitable distribution is a core principle in divorce that ensures that both spouses are left with more or less the same resources and opportunities post-divorce as they had going into the marriage. A common misconception is that the court is going to simply divide properties equally among spouses.

This is not the case as several other factors are considered by the court such as educational attainment, income, employability, health, etc. As such, it’s not uncommon for a spouse to hide an asset that they do not want the court to take into account because this would significantly affect the scale of how the properties and resources are distributed between the would-be divorcees.

Private investigators like the ones from the Diligence International Group can help you uncover any assets your spouse might be hiding from you and the court.

To Help You Gain Child Custody

Children have a way of complicating things, and divorce is no exception. Nobody wants to engage in a prolonged custody dispute. A private investigator can help expedite this process with evidence relevant to the merits (or in your spouse’s case, demerits) of the case.

Evidence such as surveillance footage of your spouse driving aggressively with the kids in the car or footage of your spouse acting in a manner not befitting a parent could prove to be very useful in helping you win custody over your children.

Private investigators are an indispensable force when it comes to fact-finding. And in a situation where the outcome is determined by the merits of facts, enlisting the help of these professionals will always make things easier.