How Parkos Has Simplified Parking Pay Rates At JFK

Parking Pay Rates At JFK

Published on July 24th, 2019

Everybody loves to travel, but the planning process is not an exciting one. By the time you are done preparing that business trip or long holiday, your mind is completely exhausted.

Now adding the exhaustion to another hassle of securing your car parking space is not something you want when your departure is almost.

Many travelers even after realizing airport parking are convenient for them; they still struggle about the best parking facility for their vehicles.

Parkos can clear the confusion as it displays for you all various types of parking space available at JFK airport.

When you know where to park your car during your departure date, it helps you to stay organized that day and avoid issues like missing flight which is common with travelers.

Below are the reasons you need to book your space at JFK airport parking using Parkos website.

1. Easy To Use For First-Timers

If it is the first time to search for cheap JFK parking rates using Parkos, the process is very easy. When you identify your preferred parking space, you are sent a link, via email address showing you the route of where your parking space is placed.

In the link, you are provided with service provider contact information such that if you get stuck on your travel date, you just call and are given the way forward.

2. Cheap Parking Space

How Parkos Has Simplified Parking Pay Rates At JFK

Parkos reduced prices does not mean bad services, but parking rates are designed to give you a good traveling experience.

  1. Shuttle Parking: You go to Parkos website and book for shuttle parking. For shuttle, you drive your car to the parking that you chose, and then a shuttle comes for you and the luggage to your destined terminal. On return, you call the parking representatives to ensure your shuttle is ready to take you back to your car. This type of parking you secure your space early and the shuttle is put at stand-by for you to avoid wasting your check-in time. Early booking earns you a fee discount.
  2. Valet Parking: Choosing this type of parking, you are treated like a VIP. Of course, you will drive yourself to the airport, but at an agreed point you will find a driver waiting for you to pick your car and then proceed with your trip. On the same manner when returning, communicate your landing date so your car can be prepared. Inspection is done at your presence before you are given the car to ascertain everything is okay, you are given the keys and drive home. However, valet is a little bit expensive when compared with Shuttle parking.
  3. Off-site Parking: Onsite parking is the most convenient for any traveler as it allows you to reach your terminal early. But practically, the parking is expensive, and since many JFK long term parking passengers are looking for low rates, there is available parking near JFK, strategically placed advantageously close to the airport. The parking rates are friendly especially if you opt for long term parking. You can also get valet parking if that’s your preferred option.

3. Best Time To Book With Parkos

How Parkos Has Simplified Parking Pay Rates At JFK -Parking Pay Rates At JFK

The time to book your car space through Parkos is to constantly keep checking the website as prices fluctuate now and then. Booking for JFK parking space is cheaper though JFK parking rates change with the season.

For instance, during the peak season when many travelers are going on a holiday via JFK airport, the car parking rate is higher than normal average prices.

So, to avoid spending much money, you can time during the low season to park your car when the parking rates are pocket-friendly.


JFK airport sometimes can be extra crowded especially during the peak season. Such instances should not worry you as you can book for car parking space online and beat the congestion.

Airlines require passengers to at airport terminal 3 hours to their departure. Many travelers struggle to beat this requirement due to car parking challenges.

Using Parkos to reserve your parking space can help you avoid unexpected delays and save money for early bookings.