5 Tips For Planning A Memorable Non-Traditional Wedding

5 Tips For Planning A Memorable Non-Traditional Wedding

May 6th, 2020   |   Updated on June 23rd, 2020

Every year, over 2 million people get married. That’s a lot of weddings, and many are bound to be traditional!
If you’re getting married soon, then you might be looking for unique wedding ideas so you can make your big day stand out against the rest.

Here are 5 tips for planning a memorable non-traditional wedding so you have an easier time.

1. Wear Something You’re Drawn To

The majority of brides have worn a white dress on their wedding day. But tradition is boring, and you want to show off your personality with your dress. And that’s ok!

For instance, if you have a goth aesthetic, it wouldn’t make sense to show up in a white mermaid dress. Get geeky, and fulfill your steampunk fantasy as a bride in layers of Victorian clothes, ruffles, and lace gloves. Don’t forget the accessories to complete your wedding dress.

If your dream dress is a long velvet black dress with matching accessories, then go for it! It’s your big day after all, not anyone else’s. You should feel free to wear what suits your looks and personality best.

2. Choose Flowers You Like

Don’t feel like you’re constrained to the traditional wedding flowers or their colors for your big day. For example, most brides go with roses, tulips, calla lilies, and peonies in white or lighter colors.

One thing that’ll make your ceremony stand out is a non-traditional wedding bouquet. Feel free to choose flowers that you like, not what tradition dictates.

And if you happen to like traditional flowers, think about getting them in your favorite colors instead of choosing the typical colors of white, pink, or yellow.

3. Pick Out Gorgeous Rings

Most couples get matching gold bands, and the bride most likely chooses diamond as the stone.

But if you’re going to be wearing these rings for the rest of your lives, why not pick something you actually love, instead of plain rings like everyone else’s?

Have some ring dates with your fiance and browse jewelry stores to see what styles you like.

Many rings that aren’t considered “traditional” for weddings can work out very well.

4. Have Your Wedding on a Cruise

Your special day can only be celebrated in a special way. Celebrity cruise weddings will make your day unforgettable.

You’ll get to have a breathtaking view as you say your “I do”s and get straight to your honeymoon right after. Plus, you’ll get to have an unconventional wedding ceremony.

This takes the problem of traveling out of the equation, as you’ll get to go from destination to destination without worry.

5. Have A Unique Reception

Looking for non-traditional wedding reception ideas? Then the cruise idea from above is a fantastic option.

If you want something more casual and not as expensive, then consider your interests.

For example, you can book your favorite brewery and have some drinks and light snacks there afterward with your close friends and family.

Or if you love video games, consider renting out a small arcade for everyone to have fun and games afterward!
When you take your personal interests into consideration, you can put together some really memorable receptions.

Plan A Fantastic Non-Traditional Wedding

If you want to have a non-traditional wedding, then be sure to put our tips into good use. The best thing is to put your own twist on it, so it can truly be your own and unique!

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