Ranking The Top Movies About College And High School

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Published on May 14th, 2019

Movies about students, classrooms, and teachers have been ubiquitous through the years. However, the plots often vary widely from the slacker comedies such as Animal House to movies about smart students who overcome obstacles, as in the case of Good Will Hunting.

This range of students was the inspiration for an infographic by OneClass which took a closer look at the best and worst students in movies.

The edutech company was particularly interested in how the characters handle their classwork because sometimes even the most unlikely on-screen students are able to achieve top grades. Whether you’re interested in high school movies about teens or college movies about young adults, these 25+ movies cover the full range.

Student Life More Rewarding

In addition to grades, a “study score” ranked the hard work that the students put into their classes. For example, the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure received the highest study score possible because the duo time travels for the sake of their history class, showing true dedication. On the other hand, very little studying happened in the high-school comedy American Pie.

There are even movies about misfit students, such as Billy Madison who is 21 years older than his classmates.

If you enjoyed our round-ups of the best gambling movies or the best travel movies, you’ll appreciate this new take on movies about students.

Best and Worst Students in Movies
Best and Worst Students in Movies Created By: OneClass