8 Short Dresses That Will Leave Your Friends In Awe

Short Dresses

September 5th, 2019   |   Updated on June 5th, 2020

When it comes to dressing for occasions, specifically for women, there are several paths we can go.

What is lucky for us is that we can pick and choose between multiple ways of dressing! One of the most overlooked fashion choices are short dresses and styling them for a variety of occasions!

Let’s look through eight must-have short dress styles that every woman should have in her closet!

1. Modern Day Ballerina

short dress 01

A mini tutu does set you apart from the crowd! A modern-day ballerina look is something that can be worn for parties or balls.

The dress is light to wear and a perfect look for someone who wants to look chic with little effort. The dress speaks for itself, which means there is very little need for accessories.

Pink tutus also add a feminine touch to the woman wearing it. With basic shoes and low effort hair, this dress can still make the wearer look like they put in a lot of effort in their dress.

Not only is it a beautiful style, but it is also light and comfortable. To top it off, it makes anyone wearing it feels like a princess! It is like reliving your youth all over again!

2. The Little Red Dress

short dress03

Every woman should own a little black dress, but to really stand out from the crowd – do it in a mini red dress.

A red dress fits in the cocktail party theme while simultaneously setting a person apart. A red short red dress can attract a lot of attention from a crowd.

With its bright, sultry color and sexy aura, this little dress is another must-have for every woman who wishes to leave her friends in awe!

3. Bedazzled

short dress 3

From one of the most-watched designers in the world, came the two-piece bedazzled short dress!

A two-piece dress is already eye-catching as it sets a woman apart from every other dress in a room.

A perfect way to wear an ultra bedazzled top in a two-piece short dress is by pairing it with a semi-plain short skirt.

The best part of having a two-piece dress is the ability to mix and match to make it seem like a different dress every time!

4. Fully Embroidered Short Dress

An embroidered short dress is a beautiful and elegant way to wear a dress. It can be worn both during the day or at night as it adds a touch of class to the wearer.

Every woman should aim to have an embroidered dress as a part of their wardrobe to enhance the look.

Worn with accessories and the right, bold makeup, this dress can double as something you can wear at night to any party you wish to attend!

5. A White Bandage Dress

short white

A step above the average short white dress is the short white bandage dress! A body con dress, the white dress hugs the wearers figure and accentuates her curves.

The dress can be worn in the day as a sundress, or at night with bold heels and accessories! If worn with a tan, it can complement your skin tone and make you glow!

6. Elegant in Lace

short dress 2

Another infamous day to night dress is the all lace bodice dress! Lace already has a reputation for being elegant and chic.

Making the wearer stand out and look glamorous no matter what the occasion. Lace dresses tend to look great in all colors as they have added texture and layers to them already.

A short lace dress can be paired with boots for an extreme look during the day, and with stilettos to make it ultra glam during the night!

A short dress that can be worm in several different ways and will make your friends question why they have not yet done the same!

7. Metallic All the Way

short dress 08

Metallic looks have been on the rise in recent fashion. One of this year’s best looks is the short, metallic dress.

The shiny fabric catches the light of the sun during the day and shimmers in the night. Whatever the occasion, there’s no doubt this dress will make people around you do a double take.

8. Neon, Neon, Neon

short 08

Lastly, if you want to stand out and make a statement, the short, neon dress is the way to go!

To wear this color, you have to have guts! The incredibly eye-catching neon short dresses have been known to turn heads and garner a lot of comments.

Many people love to hate it, but that is probably because being able to pull this look off is extremely difficult. However, wear it with confidence and with a can-do attitude, and you will rock this outfit!