7 Simple Steps To Look Cooler This Spring

7 Simple Steps To Look Cooler This Spring

Published on May 14th, 2020

In 2019 there was a sustained plateau in spending on apparel from March to July. Spring and early summer sales were above 16 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money but was it all spent wisely.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for a fresh look. But how do you look cooler this spring? Read on for the tips that will jump-start your style.

Look Cooler

What does it mean to look cooler? We know it when we see it. It’s not so easy to do. Coolness is a subtle mix of individuality and self-assuredness that is somehow also on-trend.

Cool people can be independent and unique. They have enough self-esteem to stretch the conventions.

Somehow cool people can wear fashions without being a slave to them. They seem to wear the latest look because it’s a great look and not because it’s what they have to wear to fit in.

They can make the occasional mistake but they aren’t uptight about it. What if they wear socks with sandals when it’s “so wrong”? Somehow, they make it “so right”.

1. Good Fit

Cool starts with a good fit. Check your wardrobe. Are you harboring any clothes that don’t fit? Be brutal and throw out anything that doesn’t fit.

You look terrible in ill-fitting clothes and that includes bras. Only wear clothes that enhance your shape, flatter your figure, and fit you.

Worse than wearing things that don’t fit just because they are in your wardrobe is buying clothes that don’t fit.

Buying clothes that are a size too small because it will be an incentive to lose weight is a strategy that some follow. Ask yourself if this strategy has ever worked for you and if it hasn’t, stop doing it.

2. Make It Your Own Style

Hairstyles For Women

Just as poorly fitting clothes say “uncool”, clothes that don’t suit you are less than cool too. Just because it’s on-trend doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Check whether the latest fashion fad is right for you.

Test any new clothing acquisition by asking yourself these questions. Does this item of clothing make you feel confident? Does it make you feel comfortable? Confidence in an item of apparel comes from a belief in yourself wearing it. Can you wear it with conviction and self-assuredness?

The comfort you need in your fashion choices isn’t just physical comfort, although that is not unimportant.

Can you move well in it? Those killer heels might look great in the store window but can you walk in them and not look like a baby giraffe taking its first few steps.

3. Don’t Be Cheap

Shopping around can help you find a bargain but be careful. In your quest for value, don’t be tempted by the huge markdowns just because of the price.

You might find yourself buying more things simply because of the price of each item. Once you get the items home and look at them objectively you’ll regret it.

You might be tempted to wear these bargains even though they’re not right for you. It’s cooler to spend a little more money on fewer items that make you look cool.

4. Move On To Pattern

If you’ve been sticking to a monotone look it’s time for a change. Monotone or wearing the same solid color across your whole outfit does look polished. It’s cool.

Ring the changes and move to a new cool by introducing a pattern. It’s unexpected, striking, and fresh. Try a striped top and pants set or a sequined bra top.

5. New Cut

Romantic Hairstyles For Brides

A new spring cool identity isn’t just about what you wear. Consider a new hair cut for the new season. The trendiest spring haircuts are sometimes echoes of times past.

Nostalgia for the ninety’s sitcom, Friends, might inspire you. “The Rachel” cut is a throwback to Jenifer Aniston’s character. It’s easy to wear and suitable for all face shapes.

If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, the pixie cut could be for you. A slightly longer version of the sixties classic short style is versatile and easy to adapt to different face shapes.

It’s a great style for a new more active you. The bob also featured in the swinging sixties. Now, with the added quirkiness of asymmetric design, it can make a real statement about your individuality. Individual style and cool are synonymous.

6. The Eyes Have It

Making eye contact is essential to establish a relationship. The eyes are the first place you look to understand someone’s character. Make sure they send the right messages.

If you wear glasses, change them for a dramatic and immediate upgrade. New frames will attract attention, make a statement, and make you look cool. All that before anybody notices what clothes you’re wearing.

Do you wear the same eyeliner every day? Try a different style. Use liquid eyeliner for easy and accurate application.

Introduce some drama with bold eyeliner somedays. Lift the flick outside your eye for a feline look. Try a more playful look with smudged effects.

It’s time to ring the changes with color too. Switch between black, brown, navy, and gray for different eyeliner effects.

7. TFI Fray Day

Have fun with fraying. Removing the hem from your tired jeans can create a more interesting frayed effect. It’s all the rage.

Better still, buy a new pair of jeans. Make sure they fit well. Take a pair of scissors, hack off the hem, and tease the frayed denim into an untidy fringe.

Be Cool

All these suggestions might not work for you but some might. You’ll look cooler and have fun too. Having fun is a cool thing to do. Browse our website for more shopping tips.