10 Ridiculously Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Copier Could Do


Published on July 30th, 2019

Together with the desktop the telephone and the water-cooler the photocopier is an ubiquitous piece of office equipment.

You probably don’t think there are many things about the copy machine that could shock you and, to be honest, you’re perhaps right.

Yet there are still some fascinating facts that might just take you by surprise.

Here’re 10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Photocopier Could Do:

1. Hole Punch And Staple Documents

If you still have employees stapling or punching holes on documents, then you’re passing up a chance to improve the efficiency in your office. Are you aware that modern copy machines can staple documents together?

With an automated process, you can now direct the photocopiers to punch holes and staple documents together. Not only is this fast and reliable, but it gives a more professional look to documents.

2. Making Booklets

The procedure of converting documents into booklets involves using saddle stitch finishers. This puts centered staples in a batch of documents and then folds them into booklet format. This is perfect for making welcome booklets.

3. Track Expenses

Copier paper and toner can be one of the most important sources of spending in any office. These devices produce countless pages of documents on a daily basis, which is both costly and harmful to the environment.

Your office copy machine makes it easy to track company, departmental, and individual printing patterns to find out exactly how much is being spent on printing. This helps measure inefficiencies and cut costs.

4. Fold Documents From Your Copy Machine

If you have ever tried to make simple, image-heavy flyers for your business, out of experience you understand that manually folding lots of papers gets boring very quickly. Far worse, it’s tricky to maintain the same quality when folding the pages manually.

Some models can fold papers in many ways, using automated, repeatable actions to produce faultless folds.

5. Integrate With Mobile, Email And Cloud Services

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Business technology is swiftly changing to a paper free environment. Part of the change involves taking hard copy documents and converting them into soft copies. To do this, modern-day photocopiers integrate with networks to receive and send documents through the Internet.

Nowadays, you can scan editable images of documents to mail, and still convert them to editable PDFs and word documents. You can print images and documents from your phone, or create hard copies of digital documents backed up on cloud-based platforms like Google Docs.

6. Download Apps

Not all office copiers offer this capability but newer models particularly those of top manufacturers like Canon, Ricoh and Samsung provide the means to download apps directly from the photocopier itself. These apps allow you to print crossword puzzles, calendars and lots of other fun features.

7. Scan To Editable Files

Using advanced technology called ‘Optical Character Recognition’’, newer copy machine models can turn you paper scans into an editable file, like a PowerPoint or word document. On the other hand, you can also scan and save paperwork as a special type of PDF file.

With the capability to scan in paperwork, which can then be edited easily and quickly saves many of Print Logic’s customers a considerable amount of time and work when any corrections or amends are needed.

Even better, when looking for archived files, the searchable, special type PDF files are easily and quickly located, saving even more time.

8. Pull Out Keyboard

Modern-day copiers come equipped with pull-out keyboards, which provides users with physical alternatives to on-screen keyboards. The keyboard lets users type at a quicker speed, and make the most use of every function easily and quickly.

9. Double-Sided Printing

Most copiers are capable of duplex printing, and usually it is as simple as going into your printer preferences when printing a document and switching the document style to “ duplex or double-sided.”

Using the duplex printing function is an excellent way to reduce waste, which not only helps the environment, but also helps reduce the mess on your desk and saves money.

10. Create Shortcuts On The Control Panel For Easy Access To Frequently Used Functions

To improve efficiency, most photocopiers let you create shortcuts that will appear on the user panel. These can include searching files from a network drive, emailing to a specific person, scanning directly to a specific folder and many others that can be altered to fit your requirements.


You were right to go with renting a photocopier when you started your business. The decision to keep it up until this today has far by been one of the most useful decisions you ever made for your business. Not only are you getting your money’s worth, but you’re also getting more advantages than you ever imagined.