Why Have Viking Drinking Horns For Your Next Drinking Session


Published on November 18th, 2019

With the popularity of Viking-related movies and TV series also came the rise in the demand for Viking-related items. This could be anything that’s sensationalized in a show. Or, it could also be a historical item that you’ve long wanted to get a hold of. One of these is a drinking horn.

Buying one (or a few) for your next drinking sessions can bring you many advantages, like the following:

1. Makes For A Popular Theme

As mentioned, because of the showing of popular Viking-related TV shows, it has now also become a talked-about party theme, whether it’s for adults or kids. In this case, having Viking drinking horns during your next drinking session creates a fun and exciting theme, especially if you’re having a party or perhaps even a viewing session.

Viking TV shows have consistently made it on the lists of top TV shows to watch. So, it’s no surprise that you might be one of those that are hooked, too.

2. Experience History


Drinking, other than the fact that it’s meant to be fun, is a celebration of life, friendship, and camaraderie. In ancient times, many have considered the Viking drinking horns to be sacred. In addition to being used as a means of drinking, it’s also a symbol of abundance and closely associated with the divine.

When you’re drinking through a horn, it’s like you’ve time-traveled to this ancient time. If you long wondered what the drinking and eating practices must’ve been during that time, drinking from this horn provides you with this historical experience and lesson.

3. A Family Heirloom Or A Symbol Of Prestige

stylish viking

This applies if what you’re buying is an original piece of drinking horn or one that has been passed around from one generation to another. It’s not every day that you get to drink from an original piece of history like that.

If you’re an enthusiast, the cost will always be worth the experience and the prestige for you. If you can drink as the Viking kings and queens did, then why not? You’ll surely love your drinking experience even more.

4. Makes For An Exciting Surprise



While drinking horns can now easily be bought, not every house has one. So, if you’ve got one, it makes for an excellent surprise to your guests. How so?

First, they finally get to see what a drinking horn is. Second, you can have exciting surprise games with it as well. For instance, you can make your drinking spree even more fun by putting random drinks on every drinking horn.

Because the horns are opaque, you couldn’t see what’s inside. It’s up to your drinking buddies to be in for a surprise as to what drink they’re going to have.

5. It’s Stylish


Mugs and other beer glasses are classy and stylish, as well. But, there’s just something that sets drinking horns apart from all other drinking containers. When you’re not using them for drinking, you can store them as decorative items.

If you have the option of customizing, you can even do this. You can choose the lining and other details of your drinking horn to be personalized according to the design that you like.

6. Helps Preserve The Taste Of Beer


There’s a reason why horns were a favorite means for drinking during the Viking period. During that time, it’s believed that the horns are able to preserve the taste of the beer.

This is also one of the most pressing reasons why you have to choose the right drinking horn carefully as you shop. Other than ensuring that the coating is food-safe, factor in also its ability to improve (or alter) the taste of the beer.

How do you know that the drinking horn you’re choosing will help improve or preserve the taste of beer? Be sure to ask this in detail from the sales representative you’re buying from; don’t buy on a whim.


When you’re a Viking enthusiast, having a drinking horn in your cupboard is always a great thing to have. Whether it’s an authentic piece or not, it doesn’t change the fact that it symbolizes a great part of history.

A Viking drinking horn also has a lot of cultural significance. When you bring these horns out during your drinking sessions, you’re giving your guests a unique and memorable drinking experience. Who knows, one of your guests may even be an enthusiast like yourself.