100+ Of The Best Cool Words For Speaking And Writing


Published on November 19th, 2019

Attention word nerds! These are amazing once you state them outloud or compose out them. Additionally, they make you appear smart once you include them in your day-to-day terminology.

Scan this listing of trendy sounding phrases to learn how lots of you know, and that ones which you may enhance your speech and writing.

1. Acceptance

(n) The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered

2. Acquiesce

(v) To accept something reluctantly but without protest

3. Amenable

(adj.) Open and responsive to suggestion

4. Bombast

(n) High-sounding language with little meaning

5. Candor

(n) The quality of being open and honest in expression

6. Collusion

(n) Secret or even illegal cooperation or conspiracy

7. Consent

(n) Permission for something to happen

8. Cogent

(adj.) Clear, logical, and convincing

9. Copulate

(v) To have sexual intercourse

10. Correct

(adj.) In accordance with truth

11. Deliberate

(adj.) Done with intent

12. Dismember

(v) Partitioned

13. Distinguished

(adj.) Authoritative and commanding respect

14. Elicit

(v) To draw out in response to one’s own actions or questions

15. Elusive

(adj.) Difficult to catch or pin down

16. Epic

(adj.) Characteristic of an epic (a long work portraying heroic deeds and adventures)

17. Epiphany

(n) A moment of sudden revelation or great insight

18. Esteemed

(adj.) Respected or admired

19. Ethereal

(adj.) Delicate in a way that seems too perfect for this world

20. Euphemism

(n) A gentle word or expression used in place of one considered to be overly harsh or blunt

21. Euphoric

(adj.) Characterized by intense excitement

22. Exceptional

(adj.) Unusual, outstanding

23. Exonerate

(v) To free from blame

24. Facetious

(adj.) Flippant

25. Gregarious

(adj.) Particularly sociable

26. Hyperbolic

(adj.) Exaggerated

27. Incendiary

(adj.) Intended to stir things up

28. Ineffable

(adj.) Too extreme to be expressed in words

29. Intricate

(adj.) Incredibly detailed

30. Intrinsic

(adj.) Belonging by nature, essential

31. Irrevocably

(adj.) In a way that can’t be changed or reversed.

32. Latitude

(n) Room for freedom of action or thought

33. Limerence

(n) The state of being infatuated with someone

34. Magnanimous

(adj.) Incredibly generous or forgiving, often towards a rival or a less powerful person

35. Magnetic

(adj.) Demonstrating the properties of a magnet

36. Melancholy

(n) Pensive sadness

37. Merciful

(adj.) Exhibiting mercy

38. Nefarious

(adj.) Wicked

39. Nougat

(n) A candy made from sugar or honey, nuts, and egg white.

40. Oscillate

(v) To move or swing back and forth

41. Pensive

(adj.) Engaged in serious thought

42. Perfidious

(adj.) Deceitful or unworthy of trust

43. Perspective

(n) A point of view or attitude towards something

44. Perplexed

(adj.) Utterly baffled

45. Quixotic

(adj.) Exceedingly idealistic or impractical

46. Relentless

(adj.) Oppressively constant

47. Resolute

(adj.) Admirably purposeful

48. Revere

(v) To feel deep honor, respect, or admiration for something

49 Rigorous

(adj.) Thorough, exhaustive, or accurate

50. Rotund

(adj.) Plump

51. Scope

(n) The extent of the area or subject matter something deals with

52. Scurrilous

(adj.) Humorously insulting

53. Slippery

(adj.) Difficult to grasp, evasive

54. Sprightly

(adj.) Lively

55. Superfluous

(adj.) Unnecessary

56. Sustainable

(adj.) Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level

57. Swimmingly

(adv.) Smoothly and satisfactorily

58. Tenacious

(adj.) Unwillingness to relinquish a certain position, principle, or course of action

59. Transcendent

(adj.) Beyond the scope of normal human experience

60. Twisted

(adj.) Crumpled, sprained, or unpleasantly abnormal

61. Unshakable

(adj.) Unable to be questioned or disputed

62. Vehement

(adj.) Passionate, intense

63. Vindictive

(adj.) Demonstrating a strong or unreasonable desire of revenge

64. Voluptuous

(adj.) Characterized by sensual pleasure or luxury

65. Woo

(v) To try to gain someone’s love or affection

66. Xenophobia

(adj.) Intense dislike or fear of people from other countries

67. Zealous

(adj.) Demonstrating great energy or enthusiasm