12 Best Shock Absorber Brands For Your Car

Shock Absorber

Published on April 29th, 2020

Shock absorbers are designed to ensure that you have a smooth ride in your vehicle on different types of terrain.

It makes sense to choose one of the reliable and reputable shock absorber brands in the market.

But there are so many options available today that it can be tough to select the most dependable and cost-effective shock absorber for your car.

Here are some of the best brands and models for shock absorbers on the market today.

1. Gabriel Shock Absorbers

Gabriel has been around for more than a century, and is widely recognized as one of the “original” shock absorber products. Numerous innovations have been made over the years in its designs.

Gabriel shock absorbers have advanced spring mechanisms to deliver a smoother ride, and you can get them for both front and rear parts.

Gabriel brand is more popular among the owners of load vehicles such as pick-ups and trucks.

The shock absorbers are reasonably priced even though they deliver superior performance compared to many other brands on the market.

The product is rust proof, and comes equipped with specialized seal lubrication for high durability. The absorber weighs around 15 lbs. and can handle a load of up to 500 lbs.

2. ACDelco Shock Absorbers

ACDelco front shock absorbers are specifically designed for light duty cars, such as every passenger vehicle, light duty trucks and urban SUVs.

These absorbers work very well to reduce vibrations and ensure smooth daily driving without making the vehicle feel heavier.

If you are looking for shock absorbers that make your driving safer and more stable, choose this brand, particularly if you are using your car very frequently.

ACDelco shock absorbers are easy to install, and weigh just about 8.6 lbs.

The product is highly durable even though it is designed only for light duty vehicles.

If you are looking to keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come, you should consider ACDelco shock absorbers.

3. KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock

When the road conditions are tough, you need tough truck shocks and struts. The KYB MonoMax large bore will give you the necessary extra stability that high center of gravity, heavier, and more powerful vehicles demand.

This heavy duty monotube shock delivers the maximum control, handling and durability when compared to any other KYB shock.

This is exclusively designed for trucks. The tough MonoMax design will automatically adapt to the driving conditions and deliver a fade free performance.

This brand enjoys an excellent reputation for automobiles that do real work, haul heavy loads, tow a trailer, or go off-road.

The product makes use of a zinc-coated, work-ready steel piston ring as well as comes with an off-road dust boot.

4. Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber

Bilstein is one of the topmost brands for various kinds of shock absorbers, and one of the best options you may want to consider for your car.

It delivers solid performance to ensure you have an easy time when you are driving around some of the tough terrains. This model is versatile and will work well for various types of vehicles.

5. Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

The highlight of this shock absorber product is that it comes with high quality all-weather fluids to help reduce friction and ensure a safe and comfortable ride in different types of driving conditions.

It features full displaced valving, which will automatically adapt to the road extremes. Therefore, you can expect a smooth and consistent ride on all types of terrain.

6. Bilstein 24-196529 B6 Performance Shock Absorber

If you are looking for a performance product to upgrade from your existing OEM dampers, this is the right choice.

This model is designed in a versatile manner to ensure that it fits correctly in your vehicle. You can pair it quite easily with the OEM factory spring, which means the installation is going to be rather quick and easy.

7. KYB 561001 MonoMax Gas Shock

With the MonoMax Gas Shock, you can experience superior performance in terms of damping.

This shock absorber is manufactured using cutting-edge technologies to withstand the rough and bumpy terrains.

It has a rubber boot to keep the debris and dirt away from the seals. Compared to most other shock absorbers on the market, it is a better upgrade for your suspension system.

8. Bilstein 24191203 Shock Absorber

If you are looking for a reliable shock absorber for an SUV or a lifted truck, this model from Bilstein is a good selection.

The good thing about this model is that it delivers well on a monotube design, and it will give you fade free performance.

The product is velocity sensitive, and you will find your ride smoother when you have fitted this shock in your vehicle.

9. KYB 565102 MonoMax Gas Shock

For an impressive damping performance this gas shock from MonoMax is a wise choice.

According to some estimates, this model can deliver as much as 40 percent superior damping performance that what you can expect from a standard shock absorber.

So, when you are looking to upgrade the suspension performance in your vehicle, don’t forget to consider this brand.

10. Bilstein 24-187374 Monotube Shock

This is probably the best monotube shock absorber product on the market today. Automotive reviewers often say that this is one model that scores well on all the counts that the manufacturer claims it does.

You may use it even for your SUV for high performance. The overall comfort is excellent, ride quality is superior, and the performance is fade free.

11. Monroe 5779 OE Spectrum Passenger Car Shock Absorber

For smoother rides, this shock absorber product offers solid displaced valving. Therefore, if you are using your car on different types of road conditions, this model is a smart choice.

The performance is consistent across terrains, and you will not be disappointed. The product is durable and built to last.

12. Monroe 34690 Gas Magnum Truck Shock Absorber

The Monroe Gas Magnum shock absorbers are designed for hard working, mid to full size pickup vans and trucks. The model is designed to deliver firm control without giving you a harsh ride.

The fluid capacity is up to twice that of the standard one-inch bore shocks, which means that it will work for your vehicle more efficiently with minimal effort. You cannot go wrong with this gas shock for your truck or pick up van.