25 Cool Things You Can Buy For Under $50

Cool Things To Buy

January 4th, 2019   |   Updated on June 16th, 2020

We are constantly surprised and delighted by the stories and products our readers connect with. Our audience is discerning, passionate, smart, and always on the hunt for things that will make their lives better, more efficient, or more fun.

We thought it would be fun to give you all a glimpse into the things that your fellow readers have been buying up on Amazon.

We searched far and wide for the very coolest deals and the very best items on Amazon available for less than $50. This is just the very best stuff you can spend your hard-earned money on right now. Let’s go.

1. The NoPhone Air

No Phone Air - Cool Things To Buy

Cure your smartphone addiction by upgrading your expensive phone to the NoPhone Air. This cost-efficient model comes with an impressive 0 GB storage capacity and an impossibly thin, lightweight design that makes it feel as though you’re not even holding a phone!                                                                                       

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Review: Helmut Schmaker

Best way to hide a massive porn collection from your parents. They cannot see it. However when you turn 26 and a half you lose the ability to see it as well. Read Full Review…


2. Ultrasonic Electric Automatic Toothbrush

Cool Things To Buy- Ultrasonic Electric Automatic Toothbrush

Get the radiant smile you’ve always wanted from the comfort of home with the ultrasonic electric automatic toothbrush. The u-shaped brush contours to your teeth to provide a super deep cleaning to remove up to 100% more plaque and stains than a regular brush.                                                                                        

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Review: Scott Rushing

Purchased 2 units and when they arrived one was not functioning properly. Contacted the company and was asked for a short video of the issue.

I had to reach out 2 more times before I received a response that I was in luck because the unit although was not functioning properly would still work but would take longer. Read Full Review…


3. Alcohol Vaporizing Pump

Alcohol Vaporizing Pump Cool Things To Buy

Enjoy the fun and debauchery of alcohol without those nasty hangovers by getting shit-faced with this alcohol vaporizing pump. This calorie-free method of alcohol consumption lets you savor your spirit’s rich taste while eliminating the risk of hangovers the next day.                                                                                      

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Review: MH

I don’t drink but I bought this for a friends b-day gift. Whipped it out while they were all drinking and they all had a blast trying it out. Definitely a fun toy to spice things up. Definitely will have people saying “huh?!” Read Full Review…


4. World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent

World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent - Cool Things To Buy

Don’t venture into the great outdoors without the world’s toughest ultralight survival tent! This reusable windproof and waterproof shelter is made from a tear-resistant, extra-thick HeatFlex Mylar that reflects heat outward or inward – making it ideal for both hot and cold climates.                                                                                     

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Review: Antonio P.

Received product today and initial thoughts are that this product is probably a one or two time use product. It is basically a Mylar space blanket painted orange on one side. It’s not especially thick and I’m not sure it would hold up in a storm or in rough ground. Read Full Review…


5. Libbey Moderno 4-piece Glass Cereal Bowl Set With Lids

 Libbey Moderno 4-piece Glass Cereal Bowl Set With Lids - Cool Things To Buy

The modern glass cereal bowl gives you a first row seat to witness your crunchy cereal become a soggy mush. This glass bowl is dishwasher safe and sports a minimalistic design that is perfect for adding a modern touch to your kitchenware.                                                                                         

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Review: swxup

Not very stackable, do not nest. I should have read the reviews more thoroughly before I bought these. I can only stack four bowls at a time. What a pain! Takes up too much room in my cabinet.

Four of these bowls take up more space than 12 other bowls stacked. More likely to use these as mixing or storage bowls, kinda big for cereal bowls. Read Full Review…


6. The Original Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask

Cool Things To Buy -Mask

If you’re looking for a truly creepy mask then look no further than these moving inkblot Rorschach masks. These hand made masks are akin to the mask seen in the movie Watchmen with the endlessly changing ink blots, and come in five different inkblot styles.                                                                                   

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Review: Martin

Looks exactly as pictured, works exactly described. Didn’t have any vision issues the other reviewer mentioned, other than the limitations expected. It really is like wearing sunglasses indoors. Read Full Review…


7. Tesla Coil Arc Lighter

 Tesla Coil Arc Lighter - Cool Things To Buy

Spark up in a more eco-friendly manner with the Tesla coil arc lighter. Instead of producing a flame, it utilizes intense heat to light up your cigarette and can conveniently by recharged at any outlet via the built-in USB slot located at the bottom of this sleek lighter.                                                                                         

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Review: Hribal

I bought this for my husband on January 26th but didn’t give it to him until Valentines Day. It already does not work. It will not charge. It has not been abused and is used for only lighting cigarettes.

I do not recommend this. I spent a lot of time researching these types of lighters and this was the highest, best rated. Do not waste your money. Read Full Review…


8. Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera - Cool Things To Buy

Keep a watchful eye over your home or office without anyone becoming the wiser by using this mini spy hidden camera. It can support up to a 32GB memory card, records at 1920 X 1080P HD at 30 frames per second upon sensing movement.                                                                                     

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Review: P. Lai

The spy camera was tiny and worried about losing it. You definitely have to find a safe discreet spot to attached this small device.

If you gonna set up it as a nanny cam, I would not mount it high because some of these people are suspicious. Mount this camera low but not too low. I place this inside a big clock that was mounted near waist level. Read Full Review…


9. Laundry Lasso – Take Back Your Laundry Room: Prevent Front Load Washer Mold, Mildew, and Odors

The Laundry Lasso

Keep your laundry room smelling as fresh as your newly washed clothes by preventing mildew from forming with help of the Laundry Lasso. It allows you to keep your washer’s door slightly open yet out of the way to prevent mold, mildew, and bad odors from forming inside.                                                                                  

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Review: JennMom

Works well to keep the door propped open to air out and prevent mildew. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make one of the suction cups a hook for the elastic bungee to hook on so you don’t have to remove one of the suction cups every single time you want to open the door. What that slight modification I would change my review to 5 stars. Read Full Review…


10. Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Cheaters Edition Family

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Cheaters Edition Family

Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition is the first ever version to encourage and reward you for your dishonest ways. It comes with 15 cheat cards that command players to carry out shady tactics like stealing directly from the bank or moving someone else’s token.                                                                                      

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Review: MommyOfTwo

I actually bought this as a father’s day gift for my monopoly obsessed husband this year. It was a hit to say the least! Now you get to cheat like you’ve always done anyways, but now you’re rewarded! The game is a lot shorter since there are only hotels and no houses.

There seems to be fewer spaces to land on as well. In all, this game is a lot more fun and shorter. I would only suggest clear rules on those who accidentally cheat. In the meantime so avoid arguments in my house, we charge $100 for each mistake. This game will have your party paranoid hahaha! Read Full Review…


11. The Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil

The Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil

Quit throwing your money away on flimsy writing utensils by upgrading to the unbreakable mechanical pencil. It employs an ingenious double spring mechanism and a specially designed tip that greatly reduces the likelihood of breaking the lead – no matter how hard you press.                                                                                         

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Review: Amazon Customer

This is only my initial impression based on limited usage after just receiving the DelGuard pencil. I really love this pencil.

I have always been bothered by how easily the lead would break with other mechanical pencils, but the DelGuard works exactly as advertised. Under heavy pressure the pencil adjusts to prevent breakage. If the pencil holds up with usage, then it will be a sure winner. Read Full Review…


12. Doorballs Door Knocker

Doorballs Door Knocker

Add some charm to your man cave’s bathroom by hanging this big old pair of door knocker balls outside the door. This hilariously designed door knocker comes with an adhesive backing for easy installation and is made from high-quality PVC.                                                                                        

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Review: Evan L.

I have the plastic version as I sure as hell will not pay for the brass/metal version. It hangs on the bathroon door and gets laughs from guests.

You have option of sticking it on the wall or drill nails into the wall for a more permanent fixture. If there’s a way to securely fix it on my front door, I could hang it there to scare off prolestyzing people of some faiths. Read Full Review…


13. Stuart Semple BLACK 2.0 The world’s mattest

Stuart Semple BLACK 2.0 The world’s mattest

The world’s mattest and flattest black paint is so dark it’ll turn virtually any item into a jet-black object with just a single coat. This ultra-black acrylic paint reflects absolutely no light and features a surprisingly pleasant cherry-like aroma.

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Review: Amazon Customer

I bought this when they were still calling it the “blackest black”. So 3 star. It’s more gray, but it’s very flat. So flat that it can fool a camera into thinking it’s not seeing color. The human eye is not so easily fooled though. It does look 3D in real life. Read Full Review…

14. KKTech Magic Flaming Fire Wallet Magician Stage Street Inconceivable Show Prop

KKTech Magic Flaming Fire Wallet Magician Stage Street Inconceivable Show Prop

Put on an impromptu magic show anywhere you go by pulling out this flaming wallet magic trick. The wallet comes fitted with a discreet fire cloth that instantly burns for a few seconds when you open your wallet and extinguishes when you close it back up.                                                                                        

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Review: Andy

This wallet is amazing with great quality.My friend loves it very much,and shows it to everyone lol. Definitely will purchase again in the future if need. Read Full Review…


15. Phone Screen Magnifier, stand for phones, smart phone holder

Phone Screen Magnifier, stand for phones, smart phone holder

Instantly enhance your smartphone viewing experience by inserting it into this retro styled phone screen magnifier. Simply insert your smartphone into the side of this classic box styled television set to enjoy your content on a eight inch screen.                                                                                       

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Review: Dèborah

This was awesome! Bought it as a gift for my sister and we put out iphones in it. the farther the phone the larger the image but it reduced the sound so what I do is connect my speaker to it via Bluetooth. Read Full Review…


16. Smart Swab Spiral Ear Cleaner. Safe Ear Wax Removal Kit

Smart Swab Spiral Ear Cleaner. Safe Ear Wax Removal Kit

Quit wasting your time with traditional cotton swabs and experience a proper ear cleaning with this spiral ear wax removal tool. The simple grooved spiral tip allows you to effectively and safely extract earwax with a simple twisting motion!                                                                                    

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Review: Eh?Dub!

I got the exact same product (as far as i can tell) from Walgreens, and it was lovely. Never had such clean ears. Then I got this, and it just doesn’t work. The tips are smaller, or something, so they don’t clean properly. The connection is really flimsy, so the tips just come off in my ear. Read Full Review…


17. Myard Fireproof Human Fire Pit Skull Gas Log for NG, LP Wood Fireplace

Myard Fireproof Human Fire Pit Skull Gas Log for NG

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by setting these human skull fireplace logs ablaze. Each highly detailed human skull shaped log is made from weather resistant materials and is steel reinforced ensuring it won’t get blown away by high winds.                                                                                      

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Review: Clayton Earp

Yes you can drill out the eyes. I drilled up from the bottom with 1&1/4 paddle bit (probably should have went bigger). Then the eyes with a 7/8 paddle bit using a hammer drill and dead bits being they are going to get wrecked anyway. Read Full Review…


18. Facade Games Tortuga 1667 Game

Facade Games Tortuga 1667 Game

Plunder, pillage, and mutiny your way to victory by trying to best your mateys in the Tortuga 1667 board game. Each player holds a secret loyalty to the British or to the French and has to try to amount the most treasure before the arrival of the Spanish Armada.                                                                                    

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Review: The Yeknod

One of my favorite games for a group on the go. Easy to travel and supports a surprisingly large number of players. If you like board games and want something without too many pieces, this is an easy choice. Read Full Review…


19. Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips for Nose, 6 Count

Improve your complexion by getting rid of unsightly blackheads using this remover and pore cleanser. After washing your face, apply the strips, wait 15 minutes then remove and look in curious disgust at all the grime and filth you’ve removed from your face.                                                                                    

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Review: Madison

These are great to relieve congested pores on my nose! I find that to achieve the best results, you have to prep with HOT water on your nose. When the strip becomes stiff, peel it off SLOWLY, peeling from each outer corner in. Read Full Review…


20. Arestech 5.5 inches A8 OBD2 Windshield HUD Head Up Display with Display RPM

Arestech 5.5 inches A8 OBD2 Windshield HUD Head Up Display with Display RPM

Transform your vehicle into a smart car without breaking the bank by using this automobile heads up display. It mounts discreetly onto your dashboard and projects driving stats like mileage, speed, and average fuel consumption right onto your windshield.                                                                                     

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Review: Amazon Customer

Great, people get in my car now and are amazed by it and some disagree and say “well I don’t see the purpose when you can look down at the speed”. I find it very useful seeing that you don’t have to look down to take your eyes from clear view and it gives you digital readings which also spices up the interior look and gives you more reading than just the dash gauges itself. Read Full Review…


21. TrackR Bravo – Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

TrackR Bravo - Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Keeping track of your everyday possessions is easier than ever when using this coin-sized tracking device. This app-assisted device allows you to easily view its location and/or quickly ring it to locate a missing phone or wallet instantly.                                                                                        

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Review: Jesse Hahn

Bought three Trackr Bravo’s. Tried to connect them to my iPhone 6 and 6+ Blue tooth without success. Tried to reach Trackr but they have no phone number and only offer email support. Sent two emails with a single response in 5 days. Product does not work and has awful tech and customer service Read Full Review…


22. Black Beauty Ride On Me Mascot Beer Man Beer Festival Fancy Garden Gnome

Black Beauty Ride On Me Mascot Beer Man Beer Festival Fancy Garden Gnome

Get away with public intoxication this Halloween by hitting the streets dressed in this drunk piggy back ride costume. This hilarious getup creates the illusion your drunken-self is being carried home by a very kind traditionally dressed Bavarian man.                                                                                  

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Review: MEATY

Let me start off by saying that what you’ll receive is a similar item, but will not look like the ad without modifications. The beer mug, hat and suspenders were purchased separately.

Lots of safety pins are required to keep the head up to where to where the face will be visible, and to keep the “riders” legs from bowing completely outward to the sides. Read Full Review…


23. Relaxing Waves Projector


Transform your room into a serene underwater oasis with this relaxing waves projector. This compact device projects a flurry of vibrant and hypnotizing patterns designed to help you disconnect from the hectic world around you.                                                                                         

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Review: Amelia Earhart

This little projector creates the atmosphere of sleeping on a boat, with the waves projected on the cabin ceiling. I had that experience many years ago in Key West, and I will never forget the beautiful light cast on the ceiling, while the ocean gently rocked me to sleep. Read Full Review…


24. Empire $100 Dollar Bill Premium Rolling Paper Benny

Empire $100 Dollar Bill Premium Rolling Paper Benny

Give your illegal drug consumption a little Cartel flair by rolling up your narcotics with these faux money rolling papers. Styled to look like real C-notes, they’re made using organic edible ink and are designed to burn ultra-slow so you can savor every puff.                                                                                          

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Review: Kat

So I had high hopes for these papers and was disappointed. Not only are they super hard to roll with, they SMELL. Yes they’re super slow burning and cute, but it smells like you’re smoke a blunt, and it doesn’t burn easily. I wouldn’t buy these again. I’m partial to juicy jays. Read Full Review…


25. Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare - Cool Things To Buy

Give your love life a kinky twist by playing an arousing game of Sexy Truth Or Dare. Each player takes turns grabbing one of the double sided sticks, performing either the sexually adventurous dare or answering the racy question – depending on their level of bravery.                                                                                    

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Review: Sarah K.

This would be a fun game for new couples. Bought it to okay with my bf (we’ve been together over a year) and we’ve already talked about most of the stuff in these, but I guess maybe normal people aren’t as open about this stuff? Haha Read Full Review…


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