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30 Coolest Tech Accessories You Can Buy Under $50

Cool things to buy on amazon under $50

July 13th, 2017   |   Updated on June 16th, 2020

There are a lot of tech accessories out there. Some enhance the functionality of your current hardware, while others just complement it.

You know that great feeling you get when you buy something and it blows away your expectations? That’s the tingle of value and sometimes you can get it from products that carry a modest price tag.

From streaming set-top boxes to augmented reality laser tag to smartphone solar chargers, this list is chock full of the best accessories in a wide group of categories, and each one is $50 or less.

1. A flash drive

cool things under 50 dollars

The cloud is getting more reliable, but using it to move large files around still requires a very fast internet connection, so it still pays to keep a flash drive handy. This drive from SanDisk should be perfect for most day-to-day tasks.

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2. An external hard drive

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Flash drives are great for smaller files, but it pays to have a local backup. Should anything happen to your computer’s internal hard drive, it’s nice to know that your data is safe.

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3. A USB hub with micro and regular SD card readers

cool things to buy under 50 dollars

A hub with a twist! USB hubs have become a fairly standard accessory, but Cateck ups the ante a little by including a micro and regular SD card reader alongside the three USB 3.0 ports.

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4. A Bluetooth keyboard

gifts under $50

I’ve used Anker’s Bluetooth keyboards for over a year, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are light, compact, easy to set up, and have pretty solid battery life.

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5. An ergonomic keyboard

cool cheap gadgets

RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome can really hurt, and these conditions can be triggered by repetitive actions like typing.

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6. A hard-shell laptop case

cool tech gifts

If you’re looking for a fairly no-frills way to protect any member of the MacBook family, then it’s worth considering these hard-shell cases from Mosiso.

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7. A pocket-size Bluetooth speaker

cool things for 50 dollars

Don’t buy this mini speaker if you’re looking for booming bass and audiophile sound — there are plenty of other products to recommend if that’s what you’re after.

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8. A multi-port USB wall charger

cool stuff under 50 dollars

If you’ve ever fought over who gets to use the phone charger, then this multi-port hub from Poweradd will solve that problem forever.

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9. A clip-on car phone mount

tech gifts

If you’re looking for a way to safely use Google Maps while driving, then it’s a good idea to invest in a way to mount your phone on the dashboard.

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10. A suction car phone mount

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If you’re dead set on keeping your car’s air vents free of tech, consider buying a suction-based car mount.

They’re light and fully adjustable, so you or other family members driving your car can get its positioning just right.

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11. Over-ear headphones

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That people continue to rock the Koss PortaPro, despite it looking entirely like something that was sold alongside the Super Nintendo and Sony Walkman, is a testament to its quality.

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12. A Google Cardboard viewer

cool things to buy with 50 dollars

Want to dip your toe into the world of VR without shelling out hundreds of dollars? This Google Cardboard-compatible view from Minkanak should be perfect.

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13. A laptop stand

There are a number of stands for those who want to elevate their laptop or use it with an external monitor, but inexpensive stands forsake a feature that this one doesn’t.

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14. A guitar interface

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I’ve used the a higher-end iRig product and have really come to love it for creating song demos quickly, and on the go.

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15. A phone case

cool tech under 50

Like the MacBook case I recommended, this iPhone case is no-frills and comes with the same advantages and caveats.

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16. An armband phone case

cool things under 50 dollars on amazon

If you’d like to run outside while listening to music, then this armband case is a good bet.

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17. A laptop bag

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Like it’s mouse, Amazon’s line of laptop bags won’t win any design awards, but its choice of function over form makes them a good budget option.

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18. A battery phone case

cool things for under 50 dollars

If you want extra battery life but don’t feel like carrying a USB battery around, Anker has you covered.

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19. An iPhone dock

cool things to buy for 50 dollars

Once you get used to docking your phone, there’s no going back.

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20. A luggage tracker

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If you’ve ever lost a bag while traveling, you know how tedious and nerve-racking it is trying to get it back. Plus there’s the thought that it might never be found and your stuff will just end up in between-airport limbo.

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21. A selfie stick

cool stuff on amazon under 50

For better or worse, selfie sticks have become a constant companion for many travelers.

I’m recommending this one by Fugetek because people seem to like that it pairs with your phone via Bluetooth.

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22. A streaming stick

best things to buy on amazon under 50

Roku’s latest streaming stick got our recommendation recently for good reason.

Performance is pretty consistent, and any lag was app dependent, not system wide.

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23. Lightning and Micro USB cables

cool things to buy on amazon

Everyone can use a spare charging cable, but with so many out there it can be hard to find one that works.

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24. An enhanced MagSafe adapter

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There are some Mac owners who think the MagSafe cable breaks away too easily.

The NewerTech Snuglet aims to fix that — it’s a tiny metal ring that fits inside the MagSafe connector, strengthening its magnetic connection and making it so your cable doesn’t come undone after lighter movements.

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25. A motion-sensing light

electronics under $50

I’m recommending this motion-sensing light from Cleartonics because it runs on batteries and can be placed anywhere using a 3M strip.

This allows you pick the perfect place in your hallway for a light source, instead of being beholden to an outlet.

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26. Universal power adapters

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Another device that attaches to Apple’s power adapter, the PlugBug World won’t save any space, but it makes things a little more functional.

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27. A laptop stand

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The Twelve South BookArc is a tidy, well-built stand for those who tend to connect their MacBooks to external desktop gear.

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28. A power block

best things to buy on amazon for $50

If you’re looking for a super convenient multi-purpose plug, you’re in luck.

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29. A NomadKey

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The hangup with bringing a portable battery around is that you’ll need to carry a charging cable along with it. Something like the NomadKey lets you keep a USB 2.0 connector on your person

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30. A printer

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Printers can be a pain in the butt, and with everything going digital, you might not think you need one.

Even if you don’t use it often, having a printer, scanner, copier combo does come in handy.

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