100+ Funny Names That’ll Make You Wonder What Their Parents Were Thinking

Funny Names

Published on September 5th, 2019

The name of a person is his unique identity and reflects his personality to quite a large extent. However, what happens when the name has been kept without thinking about the surname.

The overall name becomes a funny combination that leads to laughs when the child grows up. In fact, some of the names are so hilarious that you are left wondering what the parents were thinking when they gave their child this identity. We have compiled a list of few such funny names that are absolutely hilarious.

Go through them and you would realize how lucky you have been that you were not subjected to such a predicament by your parents.

1. Barry Shitpeas

Barry Shitpeas

2. Batman Bin Suparman

Batman Bin Suparman

3. Bear Trapp

Bear Trapp

4. Beautiful Existence

Beautiful Existence

5. Bud Light

Bud Light

6. Bill Buttram

Bill Buttram

7. Boring


8. Dick Colon

Dick Colon

9. Dick Felt

Dick Felt

10. Dick Raper

Dick Funk

11. Dick Kock

Dick Kock

12. Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops

13. Candy Cummings


Candy Cummings

14. Capt. Hyman Shocker

Capt. Hyman Shocker

15 . Careless


16. Charity Beaver

Charity Beaver

17. Cherries Waffles Tennis

Cherries Waffles Tennis

18. Cherries Waffles Tennis

Chew Kok Long

19. Christian Guy

Christian Guy

20. Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

21. Chubby Cox

Chubby Cox

22.Cookie Facey

Cookie Facey

23. Cooking With Poo

Cooking With Poo

24. Crystal Methven

Crystal Methven

25. Diana Dbag

Diana Dbag

26. Dick Assman

Dick Assman

27. Dick Assman

Dick Burger

28. Dick Chapion

Dick Chapion

29. Holden Butts

Holden Butts

30. Jack Goff

Jack Goff

31. Jazz

Jazz Singsanong

32. Lawless

Janelle Lawless

33. Knight

Jed I Knight

34. Krystal  Ball

Krystal Ball

35. James Cokyne

James Cokayne

36. Jakson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy

37. Jock Stirrup

Jock Stirrup

38. Strokker

Judge Willie Stroker

39. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

40. Kim  Kashkashian

Kim Kashkashian

41. Long Wang

Long Wang

42. Lieutenant

Lieutenant Les Mcburney

43. Lieutenant Chance Sweat

Lieutenant Chance Sweat

44. Lesbia


45. Lord Brain

Lord Brain

46. Lord Vol

Lord Vol Demort

47. Mahboobeh


48. Dickie

Major Dickie Head

49. Man Fuk

Man Fuk

50. Michael  Butman

Michael Butman

51. Mike

Mike Litoris

52. Love

Mister Love

53. Butt

Mr. Butt

54. Dick Dong Wang

Mr. Dick Dong Wang

55. Rick Roll

Rick Roll

56. Poo


57. Paul Twocock

Paul Twocock

58. P.Ennis


59. Oral


60. Robert Fagot

Robert Fagot

61. Rowdy Negro

Rowdy Negro

62. Ruth Boring

Ruth Boring

63. Saad Maan

Saad Maan

64. Sally Mangina

Sally Mangina

65. Sam Sung

Sam Sung

66. Shakespeare Mozart Armstrong


67. Sheila Butt

Sheila Butt

68. Sirious Bonner

Sirius Bonner

69. Sparkle Tistworth

Sparkle Titsworth

70. Uranius Johnson

Uranius Johnson

71. Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale

72. Tahra Dacty

Tahra Dactyl

73. Steve

Steve Sharts

74. Speed Weed

Speed Weed

75. Yoshie

Yoshie Takeshita

76. Dick Long

Dick long

77. Dick Paradise

Dick Paradise

78. Dick Power

Dick Power

79. Dick Raper

Dick Raper

80. Dixie Normous

Dixie Normous

81. Dick Tricke

Dick Trickle

82. Dick Swett

Dick Swett

83. Dick Smalley

Dick Smalley

84. Dick Seeman

Dick Seeman

85. Donald Duck

Donald Duck

86. Dong Dong

Dong Dong

87. Dr. Joelle Rollo-Koster

Dr. Joelle Rollo-Koster

88. Dr. Pornsak

Dr. Pornsak

89. Dr.Shit Fun Chew

Dr. Shit Fun Chew

90. General Arse Biscuites

General Arse Biscuites

91. Gay Saylor

Gay Saylor

92. F.You

F. You

93. Dr. Will Tickel

Dr. Will Tickel

94. Dr.Whet Faartz

Dr. Wheat Faartz

95. Ginny Fuchs

Ginny Fuchs

96. Goldie  Lock

Goldie Lock

97. Hardy  Harr


 98. Heath Cockburn

Heath Cockburn

99. Hitler Mussolini

Hitler Mussolini

100. Long  Wiwi

Long - Wiwi

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