How To Choose A Right Wristwatch For Your Style

How To Choose A Right Wristwatch

Published on February 25th, 2019

You may think it is crazy, if I said that I have many watches in my drawer still neatly packed in its original box, which I would regularly wear to fit the occasion that I would be in.

Watches are somewhat important accessories that we would like to adorn ourselves with. What we would wear would reflect on our personality, style, social standing and above all projecting how successful we are in life.

It is often said that “clothes maketh the man” and that is perfectly true because if it was not we would not be having outlets selling designer clothing or the Swiss making watches that could cost a fortune.

The big names in the watch industry like the Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe and others make watches that stand out among the rest. The watches that the Swiss make would keep the time like any other watch, but the former would never miss a beat.

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Swiss watches are known to be exquisite timepieces that would last a lifetime and even more. To place the issue in the right context, in October 2017, a Rolex worn by the popular but late Hollywood actor Paul Newman fetched a whopping price of US $ 17.75 million at a New York auction.

Hence before you would decide to buy a new watch for yourself it would be prudent to write down what you would want in a watch so that it would make your final decision easier. We list below the five (05) important things that you would need to consider before you choose your next watch.


1. The Price Range

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You could choose a watch which would be cheap and found in any outlet from across the block that you would live. On the contrary you could decide on a Swiss watch which would dent your wallet. The question comes down to a very simple answer. If you could afford it then you should be choosing it.

Swiss watches are masterpieces and choosing one, in particular, the omega seamaster 300 would put you in super company. This is one watch that many would clamor for and dream of having around their wrist. It is exquisitely designed and keeps time to perfection. It is one of the best in its class.

The prices of watches available today could be confusing as they range from a few hundred dollars to some in the tens of thousands of dollars. Hence price would be one important thing you would need to consider before you decide to choose a watch.


2. The Brand

How To Choose A Right Wristwatch

If it is a Swiss watch that you would like to wear then choosing one of them would be a tough task. The range of brands that you could lineup is immense. The lineup could include brands like Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and many others which have all made indelible marks in the industry.

The designing, craftsmanship, performance and accuracy have been the hallmark of their iconic place in the industry. Every brand has its own niche market and all of them are no lesser better than the other.

All brands of watches that come out of factory floors in Switzerland are tested and stamped with the necessary approvals. Hence it would be your choosing as to which brand would keep on par with your personality. It is this which would need to be considered to base your decision on.

3. The Style

Each watch has its own style and is designed to be different from the other. Style is what makes one watch to be preferred over the other. The designing of a watch is painstaking as manufacturers would need to get their final product to be special and stand tall and handsome among the others.

The styles would come with the type of strap that would accompany the watch. It could be stainless to real leather or for that matter even rubber or canvas.

The style could also be depicted in the type of dial, bezel, crown and other external aesthetics. The watch that you would choose could be either round and square or rectangle.

It could also have Roman numerical or just marks or numbers to depict time. It could have many other styles which could catch your eye and match with your personality.


4. Practicality

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This would mean as to what practical purpose you would be wearing your watch for. Is it for sports and outdoors activities, would you be diving with it and so on? You could also choose a watch as a time keeper only and hence could be without any of the additional and expensive additions which some watches would have.

Would you need your watch to accompany you to climb the Everest or trek the rain forests of South America or go with you to the harsh deserts of the Middle East? These are the questions that you would need to ask yourself before you begin on the task of choosing a watch.

There is a watch designed and equipped to traverse any location around the world but you would need to find it and then choose it.


5. Functionality

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The watch that you would choose should be functional. This would mean that you could not be wearing a dress watch and try to dive in the sea. On the contrary it would be out place if you are dressed for a formal dinner and walk out with a watch which you would wear for the outdoors.

The watch that you would have around your wrist should perfectly match and blend with the environment you would be in. It should also be able to assimilate into the occasion if there was one and which you would choose to attend.

Your watch is an extension of what you are and who you are. Hence it goes beyond your wrist and keeping time there is a far bigger responsibility that your watch would have for you.