Alternatives Ways To Increase Conversion Without Using Pop Ups In AdWords

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Published on May 27th, 2019

According to the AdWords Editorial Guidelines, Google does not allow links to landing pages that generate pop-ups when users enter or leave your landing page. The goal of an Google Ads exit popup is to re-spark an interest that was lost by the Google Ads visitor to keep them around and potentially promote a new offer to get them to perform a certain action.

Now The Questions Is:

  • What are the alternative to pop ups?
  • Are pop-ups are dying? Or will they simply undergo another adaptation?
  • If they continue to remain effective, how should designers make use of them?

Finally, are there alternatives web designers can start using now to prepare for Google’s vision of a more mobile-friendly digital world?

Advertisers won’t be able to use pop-ups on the landing page of their ads. But not to worry, there are alternatives to pop-ups on the target page. There are other ways to increase conversion and return on investment or ROI for Google AdWords.

Here Are Some Alternative Ways:

1. Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page

You can create a squeeze page and set it as the target page for your ads. The squeeze page should be able to get the name and e-mail address of every site visitor sent through the ads. To encourage the site visitors to give you the desired information, you should optimise the squeeze page.

You can offer something for free in exchange of the information. Once you get the information you need, redirect the visitors to your normal sales page. This way, even if they don’t purchase your product yet, you have their email address and you can market to them through email.

2. Pop-Ups On Other Pages

Some online advertisers totally eliminate pop-ups because Google AdWords doesn’t allow it. But Google AdWords doesn’t permit it on the target page alone. You can still have pop-ups on the other pages.

If you have a long sales page, you can opt to chunk it into two or more several pages. You can now add the pop-up on any of the succeeding pages of your target page. Or you can choose to show the pop-up when the site visitors exit.

It is your sort of last attempt to capture information from your site visitors. Don’t let them just leave and be gone forever. They may never return to your website again.

Don’t waste the opportunity to convert more site visitors into customers. For persistent advertisers, there will always be several ways to achieve a higher return on investment and conversion rate.

If one strategy isn’t allowed, there will always be several alternatives. You just need to open your eyes to the many possibilities of online success through Google AdWords.