Tips To Use Adwords Campaigns To Ensure Conversions

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July 20th, 2018   |   Updated on April 13th, 2023

Every site owner targets huge profits and impressive ROIs from the online channel. Attracting site traffic and converting them into positive leads is the key to achieving that. As a venture owner who plans to accelerate the bottom lines with effective conversions, you would surely look for ways and means that take you closer to the goal.

Banking on your Adwords campaign can be the perfect way to stay ahead of the growth curve. However, it’s also imperative to measure them and watch out for increased, targeted, and result-driven conversions.


Although conversion tracking is crucial for every Adwords campaign, reality narrates a different story. If we take a quick look at stats, it will reveal some purely exciting facts. Of all the AdWords accounts that exist in the online arena, only a mere 29% of them are effectively tracked. The rest of them are completely unaware of their campaigns and targeted goals.

That explains the situation quite clearly. Most of the site owners don’t know where their Adwords campaigns are heading to. So, getting in touch with leading PPC Management Services isn’t enough. It’s also crucial to create the right AdWords campaign and track the conversions at regular intervals.

Knowing what’s good

Most of the site owners fail to comprehend the true connotation of positive conversions. You have to develop crystal clear ideas of what’s good. Profound studies and research have revealed the current situation quite evidently. Here are some of the findings:

It’s here that we get a glimpse of the real scenario. The bottom line is that if you don’t track your AdWords campaign and conversions, you are surely ignoring profits and ROIs. That brings the entire discussion to one point.

What should you do to ensure that your AdWords campaign isn’t a waste? Check out the following tips to channelize your PPC advertising strategies in the right way:

1. Tips to track conversions

Conversion refers to a procedure that helps you compel visitors to complete an action. Simply put, it’s the final move made by a prospect after coming across the ‘Call to Action’ button on your site. As the site owner, it’s your responsibility to convert leads into potential customers.

Your AdWords campaigns come into the picture right here. Creating innovative and unique campaigns is crucial and it’s also important to check whether they are generating conversions. Here are some ways to help you out:

  • Content downloads
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact form submissions
  • Signups

i. Result-oriented conversion events

When it comes to measuring AdWords campaigns, site owners are always looking for the most effective and targeted options. Web conversions such as e-commerce sales, signups, forms and personalized phone calls are the best events in this regard. If you wish to derive the maximum output from your AdWords campaigns, conversion tracking will emerge as the prerequisite.


ii. Leverage search query reports

Getting search query reports will prove to be a necessity. If you wish to uncover and unravel the keywords that potential consumers are looking for, getting hold of ‘search query reports’ would be the right thing to do.

It will help business owners get an idea of the relevant keywords that consumers are looking for. As a result, they will have the opportunity to understand user intent which is critical to your campaigns’ success. Other than that, these reports will help you comprehend:

  • Failing campaigns: It is highly crucial to understand and find out why certain campaigns don’t work for your site. By placing search for a complete keyword or a single search term, you can find whether these are in line with your products, landing pages, and services.
  • Landing page design: A strong call-to-action, attractive landing page, and sales copies are instrumental in transforming leads into customers. You have to check the landing page structure, layout, and design which will surely help you identify where things are going wrong.


iii. Time and location settings

The time and location are two of the most significant aspects of a site. While a majority of website owners tend to ignore this aspect, it surely plays a significant role in ensuring optimum success for your campaigns.

Location settings will help you target specific areas. Your business will surely have a target audience and you would love to serve them effectively. By choosing targeted locations in ‘settings’, you can choose specific areas and serve clients across those particular places. Some of the unique strategies include:

Breaking regions into small provinces: Dividing large regions into small areas is the key to reaching out to clients. You will have the chance to identify how each area or province is performing. That’s not all; it also becomes easier to find out why a certain area isn’t converting the way it should.

Time settings: This particular feature is a reliable indication of the hour when prospective clients look for your services and products. The presence of ‘dimensions’ tab will also uncover the specific ‘hours’ and ‘weeks’ when the campaigns are checked and sought by clients. In a nutshell, ‘time’ plays an effective indicator of whether your campaigns are working or not.


2. Filtering unproductive efforts

Negative keywords won’t generate leads or drive traffic. It’s highly imperative and crucial to filter such unproductive efforts and filter them. Analyze the keywords and make sure you identify the relevant and undesired ones.

Keyword score is also important and that’s when Google emerges as the most reliable parameter. With a unique formulae like ‘Ad Rank = QS x CPC Bid’, Google will determine your keywords’ quality score.

Creating effective and robust AdWords strategies is crucial. However, it’s more important to determine their effectiveness and check whether these initiatives are producing the desired results or not. In a nutshell, the AdWords campaign created by you will prove to be futile if you fail to get conversions, and following these tips might just save your day.