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Email Verification Company Introduces Effective Local Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Email Marketing Tips

May 5th, 2020   |   Updated on August 20th, 2020

Quite often small businesses underestimate the power of emails even though the ROI of the email (122%) is four times higher than that of any social media or direct mail.

No matter if you are an owner of a landscaping business, a small beauty salon, or any other local business, your trustworthy email verifier will suggest several working ideas on leveraging the power of email to your business’s benefit.

Editorial Calendar Around Local Events

Small businesses, as a rule, target local customers. Therefore, mapping out an editorial calendar and involving all the upcoming local events and holidays is definitely a smart idea. Consider one of the following ideas to involve in your calendar:

  • Promos for holiday shopping days (Giving Tuesday, Black Friday, etc.);
  • Unique offers for annual holidays (festivals, historical anniversaries, etc.);
  • Engaging historical facts about your town;
  • Gift guides for the local customers.

Once your calendar is ready, stick to it when sending emails to local customers.

Invaluable Emails

Email Template Marketing Skills

Remember that any newsletter you send speaks for the authority of your business. Therefore, pack them with exceptionally valuable tricks and tips that your audience will benefit from.

Only this way you will establish a strong bond with your audience and boost long-term customer loyalty. Some of the working ideas include:

  • How-to tips for local clients (how to protect skin in cold, how to take care of the lawn in summer, etc.);
  • Essential local announcement linked to your business type;
  • Localized guides (what plants your local audience should plant this spring, what electric bulbs they should have at home in case of a possible hurricane, etc.).


Special Offers

As the email verifying company states, sending special offers to all your subscribers from time to time is an easy and effective email marketing trick. Who doesn’t love gifts even if they are expressed via discounts?

  • Make special offers at the end of all newsletters;
  • Include limited discounts in promotional mailing to motivate quick sales;
  • Be subtle in embedding references to your business’s website and products/services in letters.

Customer Insights

Would you like to learn more about the local audience and find out how you can be more helpful to them thus gaining more sales in return? Email surveys and polls are an amazing tool for this purpose! Consider these ideas:

  • Send polls and surveys in your letters to the local audience to get authentic customer feedback;
  • Remember to follow-up emails reporting the results (since your customers have taken part in the survey, they will find the report highly interesting. Besides, this is a good way to promote a relevant service/product);
  • Cooperate with local TV and radio stations, newspapers, and popular bloggers to share the survey results for great PR.

An email is definitely a powerful tool in reaching out to local customers, yet only when you intertwine invaluable content with relevant promotions. This is a true way of driving local clientele to your door!