5 Small Business Grants To Encourage Women Entrepreneurs

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June 27th, 2019   |   Updated on June 6th, 2020

Who runs the world? Girls. A very important and bold statement that Beyoncé once rightly made. Bold because the world does not give women the encouragement and the support that they need.

We are lucky to be alive in a world where women hold some prominent positions in various industries.

If women cannot leave the house due to the responsibility of looking after the kids, they start their own home-based businesses.

They only need to invest in a good voice service like Spectrum Voice, a laptop, and an Internet connection, to begin with.

In case, these things aren’t sufficient, women can opt for the following grants.


These are federally sponsored grants. Among the sponsored grants are granted for small businesses. You won’t know if you are eligible for this grant or not unless you visit the website and go through the criteria.

This website includes various grants so the benefits that you will reap out of a grant will depend on the type you choose. The benefits also depend on the various government agencies that take part in offering the grant.

This site offers federally available grants for both men and women. And it is a good platform for women to consider and choose a suitable option for themselves.

The database includes a variety of different types of grants. You will need to sort through various options but you will get one that suits your requirements and needs.


2. The Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program

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This particular grant support innovative companies that talented women own. However, this grant is awarded a bit beyond the start-up phase.

Women who put the effort and took the risk to start their own companies and now wish to expand can resort to this grant. In doing so, these women should also be making some positive environment as well as social impact.

Founded by Eileen Fisher, the company aims to give the women entrepreneurs the confidence that they need to go big. The grant awards up to ten women each year. The minimum grant that they receive is $10k each.

The eligibility criteria include many things. But the main criterion is that the business should be 51% women-owned. The annual revenue of the business should be less than $ 1 Million and the business should be at least 3 years old.

3. Zions Bank Smart Women Grants

This grant aims to provide help to women from the following categories:

  • Arts and culture.
  • Community Development
  • Human and Health Services.
  • Continuing Education and Teacher Support.
  • Business
  • Child and Elder Care.

The grant amount is $ 3,000 each for the women selected in the six categories. Anyone whose proposal supports women empowerment or benefits women in any form is considered.

The areas where the focus of empowerment and helping activities should be Utah and Idaho. Because these are the areas where Zions Bank is.

4. The Amber Grant For Women

This grant started around 20 years ago by Women’ It started in the memory of a young woman who died at a tender age of 19. When the young girl passed away, she hadn’t achieved her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Therefore, each month a lucky woman entrepreneur gets a $2,000 grant. At the end of the year, one from the 12 women gets an additional $25,000.

The judges select a women-owned business that is worthy of receiving the grant. The winner for the additional grant gets selected based on peoples’ votes.

The judges not only look for passion but smart minds as well. And it is not that easy to get the Amber Grant.

5. The Halstead Grant

Encourage Women Entrepreneurs

A more specific grant, it is available to women who are involved in the jewelry business. This means that they make and sell jewelry. The grant amount includes $7,500 in cash and an additional $1,000.

The nominees also get a fully-paid trip to Arizona. The runners up receive prizes as well. This grant helps to encourage emerging designers in the United States.

The purpose behind all these grants is to provide all the young, aspiring and established entrepreneur women the support. Because financial support is very crucial for any business.

The judges and the grant givers guide the winners – almost like your Spectrum Customer support. It is more like a mentor giving you money to invest and guiding you all through it as well.