Ej Dalius Points Out Ways To Motivate Your Startup Employees For Increased Productivity

Motivate Your Startup Employees

Published on January 25th, 2021

When you have successfully established your startup business, you need to manage your employees, some of them who feel unmotivated. No matter they do not feel the drive to perform their best or simply lack the motivation to climb up the corporate ladder; it is a tricky situation in your company, you need to address. Eric Dalius has observed that only a few employees remain motivated and so the problem needs quick resolution. Did you know that fewer than 25 percent of non-management employees are motivated to do better?

According to an article published on, besides employee management, there are other businesses challenges like funding, customer retention, lenders, and so on.

You need to implement simple and effective motivating factors to boost employee morale. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius Believes In Attentive Listening

One of the greatest motivating triggers that can work wonders for your staff is the feeling that their requirements and concerns are heard. You need to be a good listener to motivate your employees. It does not translate that all requests are granted, but you need to listen patiently and then decide.

It could be an employee’s idea about a new position or process; the request might be reasonable or unreasonable but listen carefully. Your employees like to be heard and if rude managers constantly shun them, never to listen, your staff will lack motivation and reach a point of not to care about your startup business or work hard.

Set Employee Goals And Reward Good Work

Motivate Your Startup Employees For Increased Productivity

Employees, who envision growth, want to take up challenging assignments or projects. If they have to do the same tedious job and zero goals, no wonder they become unmotivated, as EJ Dalius has seen. Therefore, set attainable goals for your staff so that they work on something definite so that managers have some metrics to measure employee performance and reward them accordingly.

When your employees achieve the goals, there is a reason to celebrate and reward them with pay hikes and incentives. Monetary benefits matter to boost employee motivation. You can also organize a team lunch occasionally to make your staff feel happy and appreciated. Motivate your performing employees with gift vouchers. For instance, you can reward them with the employee of the month.

Pay Your Employees A Decent Paycheck

The best or efficient employees deserve a decent paycheck and therefore, you need to pay them a competitive salary. When an employee’s performance deserves a raise in pay, smart entrepreneurs give them the required hike. It boosts employee motivation and makes them feel appreciated and valued by your business.

Alternatively, you can offer performance-oriented incentives in case you cannot afford a monthly raise. Performance pay for individual employees or specific teams based on their efficiency boosts motivation.

Build A Good Work Culture

Your business should have a good work culture. Besides salary and bonuses, employees should feel happy to work. Ensure the work environment is free of negative people and rude managers. You can take small measures like team outings, team development activities, work appreciation, and respect for all employees.


Keep your staff motivated to ensure productivity and efficiency. Your employees should feel happy working and not feel as if they’re dragged to work.

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