A Complete Guide To Writing Catchy Headlines That Compelled People To Click

writing catchy headlines

July 29th, 2020   |   Updated on August 6th, 2020

Earlier, we used to go to libraries if we need any information on various topics. Today, living in the Internet era, we are overloaded with the information. If you search for anything, you will find thousands of results on the same topic.

Hence, now instead of focusing on publishing content, marketing experts have started focusing on getting people’s attention and trying to increase clicks of their posts.

Well-known industry experts, David Ogilvy has stated that people read the headlines more than the body copy. It means people click on your post only after they find interesting headlines.

If you fail to impress the readers with catchy headlines, they will skip your content and move to something else. Therefore, you must craft attractive headlines that grab user attention and increase your click conversion ratio.

No matter how good quality content you publish, how quality images you attach, but if the headlines of your post are not too catchy and powerful, then your visitors might get disappointed and start scrolling other’s content.

Hence, picking a good headline is an intuitive thing, for that you need practice too, and the below-mentioned tips will help you attract more readers and get them to click on your post.

Ban Clickbait, Don’t Over Promote

This is the most crucial thing you need to consider while crafting good headlines. If you are an experienced writer, you should have heard the term” clickbait,” used in a tone of sarcasm or at least annoyance.

Readers hate clicking on a link based on the fake promises, these types of headlines demotivate the readers.

It depends on the business type also, if you are engaged with the on-demand delivery business model, where they generate leads based on the number of clicks they get, these types of headlines may make sense, but if you want to win the people’s trust, this is a horrible idea.

Make sure your blog headline matches the content of your body. Don’t use over-promoting lines such as “blow your mind,” “killer ideas,” etc. Try to write a headline that matches your content and covers the basic idea of your topic.

Make sure whatever title you are giving, it meets the certain expectations of your readers, and does not seem to oversell your content.

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Target Your Audience & Analyze Competition

Something very important to consider when writing catchy titles is knowing who your audience is and their taste.

Headlines catered to a specific group of audiences can be very enticing because the reader feels that they can really relate to what’s in the body content.

If you target the wrong people, you will not get maximum clicks on your post and attract the users. It would help if you started to consider the following questions,

  • For whom are you writing for?
  • Who exactly is your reader?
  • Which type of content do they find interesting?
  • Which tone of voice do they prefer?
  • What kind of content do they share on social media?

From the above answers, you will get an idea of what type of content users find interesting and start writing headlines based on that.

After analyzing the audience, the next step is to what your competitors are doing to attract leaders. Make sure you have conducted proper research and collect some valuable data.

  • What kind of content do they share?
  • What type of content performs well?
  • What type of titles do they use to attract readers?
  • What type of keywords do they cover?

With the help of several websites such as Ahref, you will get better information that might help you write attractive headlines.

Use Powerful Words

Powerful words themselves reflect that content is useful, and users will find it attractive. Copywriters use these types of words that trigger the attention of users.

Powerful words are unusually related to the reader’s emotions and help you craft catchy headlines for your article.

There are several most used powerful words are-,

  • Free
  • Simple
  • Ahead of the game
  • Amazing tips
  • Definitive guide
  • Stunning, etc.

Apart from the above, many other compelling words are used by writers to catch the user’s attention.

Remember,’ don’t use two to three powerful words in a single title, try to use one and get the maximum traffic on your post.

User Numbers To Attract Eyeballs

When we search in Google, you must have noticed, half of the articles have titles with numbers. This approach clearly defines that usage of numerical value attracts users and makes your post more visible.

Studies have shown that if your title includes numbers, there are 75% chances people share your content on social media. Having a number in your headlines makes it easy for readers to remember.

Here we have the following examples, checkout-

  • How to increase productivity in the workplace?
  • 5 useful tips that improve productivity at the workplace

Though the both titles can lead to the same content, the second one will surely get more clicks as compared to the first one. Because people’s mindsets tend to read that type of content, and they all love easy and quick solutions.

Pay Attention To Length

Last but not least, you should equally pay attention to the length of the title. Some several sites and tools help you creatively fix your title.

Today, social media is a powerful marketing tool, and if you want your content to spread to the world within a short time, try not to exceed 78 characters of the title.

Short and sweet titles attract the users, and they will find it easy to share on social media with their followers.

If you look from the SEO point of view, the title length is very important. If you don’t want Google SERP to cut off, your title’s some words, keep it under 70 characters. If your title is very long, try to rephrase it, you will get more clicks.


There are several other things that also play an important role while making attractive headlines.

When you sit down to write your next blog post or article, keep in mind the tips mentioned above that bring you more click—writing simple and specific titles that yield measurable results.


Deep Moteria is a serial entrepreneur and managing director of Elluminati Inc who wishes to support the ground transportation industries with his writings.

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