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10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Work-From-Home Careers

Published on July 31st, 2020

The increasing number of work-from-home scams are on the rise due to the constant rise in the number of such jobs in today’s economy. Due to these increased numbers of scams, it is quite difficult to distinguish between scams and legitimate work opportunities.

Therefore, if you are looking for legit work from home jobs, make sure you have a mobile gadget, a computer, and internet access. Like any other work, your experience matters most in estimating how much you will get paid.

1. Freelance Writing And Editing

There is a broad range of work-from-home writing jobs such as crowdsourcing, blogging, freelancing for consumer magazines, and editing jobs.

If you currently work for a company but commute to work every day but wish to join the team of writers and editors working from home known as freelancers, you should try and convince your employee to allow you to telecommute.

2. Insurance

The insurance industry has plenty of diverse work-from-home gigs and many telecommuters, including case managers, appraisers, project management and IT positions, insurance agents, and underwriters.

For most of these positions, some insurance firms allow employees to choose between the flexible option of part-time telecommuting or existing employees. However, most insurance companies hire positions as work-home-from-home jobs.

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3. Online Data Entry

Legit Work From Home Jobs

Whereas data entry involves different job titles, it usually involves filling data either from audio or written files into the company’s system.

However, be cautious in your search for data entry jobs as many tend to be scams, and you must never pay for software or kit.

Many of the genuine companies hire data entry clerks not as full-time employees but instead as independent contractors.

4. Virtual Call Centers

There is a continued rise in the number of virtual call center jobs with any companies across the globe switching to a remote workforce.

Therefore, if you have experience working either in a retail job or an office call center, this is a job opportunity.

Moreover, you should consider this job if you can fluently speak over one language as this gives you an added advantage as you have more knowledge.

5. Transcription

Before you can work from home as a transcriptionist, some experience is usually needed to land better-paying jobs.

The areas of expertise you can choose from include legal, corporate, medical, and financial transcription.

Nonetheless, always ensure first to get to understand how a legitimate home transcription job looks like and confirm it is a safe venture.

6. Social Media

The rise of social media brought about the need for people in various industries to fully take advantage of the available platforms.

Available work-from-home social media jobs to choose from community building, content evaluation, social media account management, strategy development, and creating and scheduling posts.

7. Financial, Accounting, And Bookkeeping

Work From Home Jobs Online

There are genuine work-from-home careers for financial and accounting experts, including mortgage brokers, bookkeepers, and certified public accountants (CPA).

It would be best if you were cautious of any job opportunity that promises excellent salaries as the pay is directly correlated to your experience.

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8. Online Education

You can find a broad range of online education jobs from students with the talent of tutoring, to experienced teachers with teaching certificates and master’s degrees.

The companies looking for such experts include VIPKID and QKids, and once hired, your goal will be teaching English to the kids in foreign firms.

9. Art And Design

Freelance artists for illustrations, graphic design work, photography, to name a few offers, are utilized by most of the advertising, marketing, and media firms.

The most popular platforms where these art and design professionals land these gigs include Upwork and Fiverr.

Nonetheless, you are required to showcase your previous works to prove your experience in the stated area of specialization.

10. Medical

While it might be expected for the work-from-home option to be applicable in the medical field, there are some medical jobs where this can be done.

This includes virtual nursing, medical coding, and medical transcription. Other pharmacists work from home as they supervise transfers between pharmacies, offer counseling on medication use, and review prescriptions.

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