How To Do A Hanging Indent On Google Docs

How To Do A Hanging Indent On Google Docs

April 10th, 2020   |   Updated on August 20th, 2020

A hanging indent is just the opposite of the common indent that we use all the time. The difference between both of them is quite obvious.

While the ordinary indent sees the first line of the paragraph to the right and the rest text to left the hanging indent leaves the first line also at left and that is followed by all the other lines which are indented too.

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This style is mostly used in Bibliographies and works cited pages that have been written in MLA format. Sometimes it can be used for creating lists. Here we tell you how to do a hanging indent on google docs.

1. Mostly the ruler is visible on top of the document. If it is not, then go to view and click on show ruler to make it appear.

how to change margins in google docs

2.  Next, select the text that you wish to add a hanging indent to. This could be a paragraph, line or a large body of the text.

3. Go back to the ruler and find the left indent icon which looks like a blue triangle that is pointing down. Also, look for the left margin control which would be a small blue rectangle. Both of them can easily be tracked down in the left margin.

4. Click on the left indent and drag it to as far as you want towards the right. The common indent would be around half an inch only. While you are doing this the margin control should move and all the text would keep getting intended.

hanging indent google docs

5. Be very careful that you are dragging only the hanging indent word and margin control. The margin control should be left as it is. When you are moving them have a look at the grey margin and that it has not moved at all. There should be grey space between control and margin. If however, the margin has moved you must undo and restart the entire process again.

5. Now click and drag the left margin control back to where the margin is and you have done your job. If you are wondering about how to change margins in google docs the steps for the same are different.

hanging indent

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