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Facebook Blueprint Certification – What You Should Know About It?

Facebook Blueprint Certification

March 30th, 2020   |   Updated on April 29th, 2020

Facebook Blueprint is an online learning platform offering free courses that have their own pace. They are about advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Ever since its launch in 2015, more than two million people have enrolled in at least one course out of the 75 available.

IN the United States of America, around 160,000 small enterprises have trained with Facebook Blueprint.

And by the year 2020, 250,000 more individuals will be trained and many of them will have obtained their Facebook Blueprint certification.

Those who are looking to upgrade their advertising skills on Facebook, they are in luck because Facebook Blueprint is a good choice. But it also depends on where they are as a marketer and in their journey of marketing too.

Let us now understand some basics about Facebook Blueprint, as compiled by experts from a renowned digital marketing services agency in Markham, Ontario.

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What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Facebook Blueprint is a free online training program made for advertising on both Instagram and Facebook.

It has more than 90 courses and most of them can be taken between 15 & 50 minutes. All users need is a Facebook profile and log-in to start learning about it.

Facebook Blueprint itself is quite a nice way for digital marketers to stay on top of the game and staying in line with Facebook’s changing portfolio of tools and advertising formats.

These courses can be particularly helpful if professionals are looking to master a specific skill or looking to achieve a certain objective, from generating leads to promotion and the like.

Courses are updated on it regularly whenever any new features are presented. The blueprint catalog also offers a range of beginner and intermediate courses across the following categories:

1. Getting started with Facebook

For those who are new to Facebook marketing, there are around 13 beginner classes that will help them get started. Course topics in this category are as under:

  • Creating a Facebook page.
  • Promoting the business from that page.
  • Ad policies for content, creative and targeting.

2. Getting underway with advertising

This category is of both beginner and intermediate range and covers everything from billing, payments and tax information to an ad auction and delivery overview.

3. Learning advanced purchase options

They are basically three courses in advanced buying focusing on Facebook apps and TV alongside reach and frequency campaigns.

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4. Targeting the right audience

Facebook is about targeting, and blueprint offers 11 courses to professionals in how to be fluent in it so they can target their intended audience with Facebook tools.

5. Creating awareness

Learning techniques in creating brand and campaign awareness with nine courses on beginner and intermediate level.

6. Driving consideration upwards

Professionals can discover an array of techniques to raise brand awareness on Facebook, ranging from in-stream video ads to Facebook Events, special offers and the like.

7. Generating leads

How users can capture leads across devices, platforms, online and offline environments is covered in this module.

8. Promote my app

Often people think there just a few ways to promote and market apps on Facebook. In fact, there are quite a lot of ways in marketing apps on Facebook and Facebook blueprint has five courses to introduce professionals to them.

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9. Increasing online sales

Professionals here can learn how to boost online sales through courses such as ‘Closing the deal with conversions’ and ‘enhance your direct response campaigns with audience network.’

10. Increasing in-store sales

Facebook Blueprint also offers training to help businesses bring in more in-store purchases.

11. Selecting ad formats

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats and new types are often added. Understanding the difference between collection, carousel, story and other ad formats is the hallmark of this module.

12. Taking creative inspiration

Courses in this category are designed to inspire advertisers as well as getting them familiar with mobile marketing.

Intermediate and advance level courses show them how to optimize creative for mobile platform, going over to best practices and sharing cost-saving techniques.

13. Managing Ads

If professionals are running multiple campaigns, then these courses are for them. They can choose from business manager, edit and manage Facebook ads, as well as understanding campaign performance with ads manager.

14. Measuring ad performance

Here professionals can dive in partner measurement, multi-touch attribution, split testing and Facebook Pixel so they are best equipped to track ad performance.

15. Learning about messenger

Courses on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels show professionals how to start business on Messenger, building on its experience and the like.
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16. Learning about Instagram

This module covers all aspects of Instagram, ranging from how to buy Instagram ads to Instagram ad formats.

17. Distributing and monetizing content

This might be the most diverse category yet and some courses here teach professionals how to earn online on Facebook. Others explore how journalists can make full use of the platform and how to protect content rights.

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