6 Search Marketing Trends Redefining Your Marketing Strategy

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December 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on December 6th, 2019

The search marketing domain continues to evolve at a fast pace. There are many new trends continue to reshape how you invest your time and marketing budget to achieve your goals.

So what are these trend and changes that redefine the search marketing dynamics? Here are 6 trends you can see in this domain that need more attention and space in your marketing strategy.

1. Responsive Ad Design

The scope of responsive design is no longer limited to website design. It is now possible to run campaigns with ads that can adapt to the size of the screens and type of devices. Some of the key features of this type of ads are as follows:

  • The ad format can adjust to that of the content on a page
  • Referred to as native advertising, it cannot be detected by ad-blocking apps
  • Your ads will get more views than traditional ads

According to studies, such native ads get more than 50% views compared to banner ads. Responsive design is no longer limited to the scope of web designing, but is also being embraced by Search Marketing Experts.

2. Increased Role of Social Media in Search Marketing

As social media continues to grow big, it continues to play a bigger role in SEM. Some of the programs that will play the role in the search marketing domain include:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Shoutouts in Instagram
  • Buyable Pins in Pinterest

Facebook has over 2.45 billion monthly active users worldwide. More than 1.62 billion users log into the social network every day. And with a powerful and effective ad program, you cannot afford to keep it out of your marketing strategy.

Advertisers now spend an increasing amount of their marketing budget on making the most of these social media advertising opportunities. This also helps in making SEM campaigns more diverse.

3. Voice Search Based SEO & Marketing

Search Marketing Trends_ Marketing

The vast popularity of smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants has led to the evolution of a new branch in search marketing – voice search based SEM. More and more people are using natural spoken language-based queries than typing keywords.

  • It has long been known that long-tail keyword-based search strategies are more effective
  • Voice search campaigns can be more competitive in niches
  • This form of search marketing improves conversion rates

4. Content Continues To Be Big

Content continues to be the king. Content quality is considered as the most important factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm. Quality content continues to drive more:

  • Shares
  • Organic links
  • Online discussions

So, it is highly recommended to keep investing in high-quality, authoritative, and ever-relevant content.

5. Device Targeting

Google now allows you to target ad campaigns by device. This is a big step towards ad targeting compared to traditional methods of demographics. Bing allows you to segment campaign performance data based on device.

This has led to increased importance of mobile-friendly design elements. For example, the call to action buttons in such ads allow your target audience to reach you directly on your phone.

6. Remarketing

Marketing campaigns are designed to reach your target audience. On the other hand, remarketing focuses on personalizing your communication with your target audience. There is growing emphasis on remarketing to supplement existing marketing campaigns.

  • Analytics can help you get data on who views your ad and where
  • Target audience can be followed by placing your ads around the web
  • You can view their online browsing and buying habits
  • You can target your audience based on demographic information like location, age, and gender
  • All this data can help in creating ads which are more efficient and effective

These are some of the most important search marketing strategies in current trend. It is recommended to include them in your overall digital marketing plan.

The search domain, trends, and algorithms continue to change at a fast pace. It is essential to keep making changes to your strategies to achieve your goals.