How Does Pay Per Click Work Effectively And Reach Targeted Audience


Published on May 24th, 2019

Ranking your site high on Google organically takes a lot of work. It involves an in-depth knowledge of how websites function. And even if you do reach the coveted #1 position, you may lose it when Google inevitably releases an algorithm update that changes the rules of the game. Pay per click (PPC) campaign works for you if you are not an expert. But how does pay per click work? How can your ad reach the targeted audience effectively and quickly?

Before you start a PPC campaign, figure out what a customer is worth to your business, and what you are willing to spend to get that customer. When funds are tight and every lead counts, using data instead of your opinion to make decisions is a lifesaver.

The idea of a pay per click campaign is to “buy visits” for a specific site. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. The aim is generally to generate a specific type of user action, such as registering or buying a product, for example.

If your goals are to grow your online visibility, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales, pay-per-click (PPC) can help you accomplish all of those things.

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You’ll have to familiarize yourself with bidding, keywords, landing pages, budgets, ad copy, and much more if you want to run an effective PPC campaign. You also have to learn how PPC works with other digital marketing channels.

How To Create Effective And Targeted Ads

  1. The Use Of Keywords
  2. Use Common Words
  3. Call To Action


1. The Use Of Keywords

When writing a PPC ad, always include relevant keywords. It increases the relevance of the ads for the search term.

Keywords should be placed on the title and on the body of the ad. Remember to only include the most relevant ones.

However, don’t overdo this technique. Don’t overcrowd the ad with all your keywords. Doing so will just lessen the quality of the ad.


2. Use Common Words


Some PPC advertisers think that using too common words is no longer advisable. But there are cases wherein these common words actually help. We are all too familiar with the words “Need?”, “Looking For?” or “Try”. These words are all too common yet when used in PPC ads, they will still yield positive results. When we read these words, we associate it with something that is beneficial for us. Your target market thinks the same way.


3. Call To Action

The PPC ads should always have a call to action. The call to action can be as simple as “visit”, “call”, “purchase” or “sign up”. It is just a word or two that will tell your target market what you want them to do.

Create effective and compelling ads using these ad copywriting techniques. Effective ads will deliver more conversion and sales to your business. Don’t compromise the ability of your business to be successful online just because of a poorly written PPC ad.

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