How To Make A Creative Marketing Strategy Without Being Creative

Marketing Strategy

Published on July 10th, 2019

Some people just aren’t creative, that’s normal. There are many people out there who struggle analytical think it makes sense that there are people who also struggle with creative thinking. If you’re having trouble marketing your product or coming up with good designs you’re in the right place!

1. Hire A Marketing Manager

Geofencing To Focus Your Marketing Strategy

One thing that I really hope you especially if you’re starting out your small businesses to hire a marketing manager or at least get a marketing consultant.

If you don’t have enough time or money to hire you full-time marketing manager, try talking to a consultant and see what they can suggest to you as far as marketing strategies and making your mark any more creative.

You could also try hiring a freelancer if you did not want to take another employee under our wing at this moment.

A great place to find freelancer is give you the ability to shop and pick though thousands of freelancers with all different kinds of backgrounds. You can also not only view their rates, but Fiver also lets companies leave ratings on the freelancers profile so you can see what kind of worker they are.

2. Hire Booth Designer

At this point you’re probably also going to trade shows. Having a great booth design is very important because without it no one is going to see your booth. Showing your product and letting people know what new products you have is an important business tactic that can help you get your business known.

If you have an eye-catching design that is pleasing to look at more people will come up to see what product you’re selling. Exponents offers great booth design services that have you work with a project manager To decide what type of design that you’re looking for to decide what type of design that you’re looking for.

3. Hire A Social Media Manager


Another big part of the business is social media. Unfortunately, social media requires a lot of creativity. People online are just not interested in analytical words and phrases, they and interested in pictures, jokes, and creative videos.

Pretty much anything that’ll hold their attention for a short period of time. Creating content for your social media will take a good amount of time and effort, so if you are busy with other things this could also be a good way to free up your time.

If it is not in the budget to hire one of these, you can either get an intern or get a freelancer and see if they can help you build up your following. If an intern is hired you may be able to get fresh ideas on what is new and really popular in social media at this moment.

No doubt with a more creative marketing strategy, more and more people be able to get a better look into your product and hopefully into your business. Good luck with your new business and hopefully these will work!