14 Email Marketing Best Practices To Drive Results

Email Marketing Best Practices To Drive Results

July 11th, 2019   |   Updated on August 17th, 2020

Many people often want to experience or encounter a dramatic growth in their businesses. However, they do not know how to go about it. Hence, they resort to seeking help from the professional team at essay writing services. These people at these services help them with strategies they can use to develop and expand their business.

Nonetheless, some people do not seem to benefit from it. Hence, they choose to look for other practices they can embrace to develop themselves as well as their businesses. If you’re using WordPress platform to run your business, it is better to send all emails via WordPress SMTP server to improve your email deliverability.

One of the efficient tactics you can embrace to grow your business is reaching out to a significant number of people.

You need to get them to purchase your goods and services. But, today, the technique of doing so has taken a new turn. Many successful people use email marketing to target more clients.

Email marketing is one of the best strategies you can use to nurture and expand your brand. It is an effective, fast, and convenient method.

Additionally, you can access it anywhere. Email marketing helps you to develop strong relationships with your audience, promote your goods, and get new clients. Below are some of the best email marketing campaigns you can use to drive good results.

1. UncommonGoods

To thrive in email marketing, you need to ensure that your call-to-action is well-formatted. This is because it determines if your customers will or will not take the right action. Have a sense of perseverance.

Nudge your clients to act without sounding desperate or too pushy. UncommonGoods is an online retail store which sells exceptional gifts, home decor, and jewelry among other things.

This brand has a simple, urgent, and direct all-to-action. When the customers see this, they can take action either immediately or later on.

2. PayPal

PayPal For Digital Goods

PayPal is a payment processor which many companies globally. It embraces the use of email marketing to build quality engagement with people. As the best payment processor, PayPal gives customers numerous benefits. It has capitalized on the ability of people to receive content via email instead of social media platforms.

PayPal documents the journey of a client before, during, and after the payment process hence making this a powerful strategy of growth.

3. Runkeeper


Runkeeper is one of the effective email campaigns you can use to grow your business. It helps you keep flexible track of the growth of your business thereby enhancing how you engage with the audience.

Runkeeper comprehends email communication very well. It strategizes to bring back its users with every communication by embracing friendliness. Customers can see the benefits and improvements they will receive if they come back.

4. Amazon Local

Amazon Local is an efficient email marketing practice you can use to induce your audience to take action. When you send email using this technique, you can request for feedback from the users. Its call-to-action appears naturally and it flows smoothly into emails. As a retail company, it enables users to give their feedbacks. Hence, using it in your business can help you grow.

5. Bonobos

Bonobos is one of the email marketing examples you can use to enhance activeness in your audience by being cooperative with your emails. Customers will find it easy to stick to your brand as when you interact with them, they take action. Induce your target audience to act by creating a simple and coherent all-to-action.

6. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is one of the email advertisements examples you can use to market your products and services. It has various options which the audience can use to detect their topic of interest. However, you need segment the emails to make it easy for the readers. BuzzFeed can also record consistent sales, engagement, and traffic since the emails go to the target audience. Additionally, it has an appealing way to present its emails.

7. Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global has a huge email audience database. It facilitates discussions for marketing research with the main strategy being to convert casual users into loyal and focused members. So, if you want to make your audience not to leave and attract more customers in the process, refrain from providing them with information that is not clear. Tell them your focus point from the start. This will help them make informed decisions fast.

8. Harpoonbrewery

Building a strong relationship with your clients can help you to expand your business. A better method to do so is showing them that you care by sending educational and motivational emails. Thus, applying this practice in your business can be very helpful.

9. Canva

Canva is a simple email marketing practice. Clients can easily take action without reading the whole content. Canva also uses huge white spaces hence making their products well-pronounced. So, when embracing this practice, use an appealing color which is different from others to make your products more enthralling and succinct for the audience to identify the focus point.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox is helpful particularly when you want your customers to develop an interest in your products and services again. They may get bored of your products because of how you market them. But, when you use Dropbox, you have the ability to practice retargeting marking hence retain your clients.

11. jetBlue

jetBlue is among the best email marketing examples you can use to attract more customers to your business. It can help you send engaging, useful, and personalized emails to people hence attracting many of them. This email campaign can also equip you with more knowledge on how you can attract more customers.

12. Rip Curl

This is an email marketing practice you can use to ensure your customers are fully satisfied with your products and services. Its creativity enables it to develop unique and outstanding headlines that power emails sent to customers.

13. Cook Smarts

Cook Smarts is an email marketing practice which you can use to learn how to present your emails to customers. It uses a unique format to present its emails to clients.

14. Bonafide

As a medical-billing solutions organization, Bonafide helps health institutes, medical practitioners, and hospitals in lead conversion. It embraces email marketing to enhance growth. This strategy entices customers to read their emails regardless of what they entail.

In conclusion, email marketing enables you to reach as many customers as possible. Hence, it is essential that you practice it if you want your business to thrive. Above are some email campaigns that work you can use