Best Methods For Reverse Email Lookup – How To Make The Right Choice Today

Best Methods for Reverse Email Lookup

August 20th, 2019   |   Updated on November 23rd, 2019

To find emails of leads and having a list of them is not enough when you want to reach out to targeted leads. You need more data to show your interest and raise trust in the prospects though this is a challenge.

Through some methods online, it becomes possible to find additional information about leads using their email addresses. The solution is a reverse email search.

Already want to know how to make the right choice today and are ready for the best methods for reverse email lookup tools? This post will be revealing helpful details about reverse email lookups.

How Does It Actually Work?

It is the process by which the personal data of leads is searched for through the use of their email addresses. There are various ways of doing this.

For instance, you can decide to do it manually by making use of a platform such as Linkedin. You can also make use of other services that will scan their databases in search of the information that you have provided about a lead.

It is all about getting the email address that you’ve submitted matched with such a person’s contact details. These could be:

  • Photos
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Address
  • Last name
  • First name

If the email address submitted happens to be fake, no data will be found. You will need to make use of an email verifier to remove bouncy and fake email addresses. This will make your list valid and you will not worry about the bounce rate anymore.

Services And Methods

The solutions are numerous and it can be very tricky having to choose the right one out there. Some are free while others are paid tools. Your choice will greatly depend on your resources and goals.

Manual search requires time and dedication on your part. This is because you will need to search for data by yourself. This method isn’t going to work for those businesses that are searching for bulk data.

Reverse Email Lookup Services

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In case you consider your time to be precious and don’t want to use the manual option of reverse email lookup, there are lots of options you can explore.

They are search engines that access public databases in search of contacts that are related to the email addresses you’ve submitted. This is how it works:

A person submits his or her info on platforms such as Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter and when you activate the right tool, it searches for the necessary data and provides you with it. Search engine services that are very popular are Spokeo, Social Catfish, and Pipl.

Although most search engines render paid services, there are some that are free. Depending on your chosen plan, their features are different.

There is a snag with using paid services which is the fact that you will need to pay first before starting your search. This means that whether your search is going to be successful or not, payment must be made.

The free services will only request for your email address. Though it’s all your decision which tools to choose, either paid or free.

Email Clients

First of all, find emails of the leads you are going to reach out to and then utilize a reverse lookup tool. These are applications like Microsoft Outlook that track every email you receive.

Email clients have got a major challenge which is the fact that they aren’t a service but software. This means they have restrictions.

For instance, Outlook doesn’t work fast on Unix and Mac systems. Optimum performance will only be experienced on Windows operating system.

This simply implies that once your company has Mac users, you may have to use another email client or they will need to make the switch to the Windows operating system.

To use Outlook in search of a name, get the Outlook profile of the email owner clicked on. Their profile, as well as links to social profiles, will be displayed.

In case there are no social links displayed in their Outlook profiles, it is still possible to know whether their profiles contain real names.

Polymail can be used by Mac users. This email client is amazing given that the profile of the email owner will be displayed close to the email address.

Another Microsoft alternative that Windows users can use is MailBird. As the functionalities are becoming broader, you will need to spend time to understand how to use them effectively.

The entire package will have to be paid for even when you are using just one feature. When it comes to functionalities, email clients are much better. However, they aren’t the best in the case of user experience.

Browser Extensions

Another great choice is the extensions. They are user-friendly and very easy to install. Once you get an email clicked on, the extension is going to display information about the email owner like social media profiles, names and others.

There are lots of extensions which is why you need to choose the one which is perfect for the browser you are using.

For instance, Rapportive will display detailed information about an email address owner. It has got some negative reviews though. Also, based on the fact that Linkedin owns it, you may want to consider other options.

FullContact is another option you can try out. Although these tools are great, they don’t have too many features. Also, you may need to go for their paid plans later on. This isn’t the best when one email address is what you want to verify.

Make Your Choice

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Now that you know all the options available, there is no doubt that choosing the best isn’t a challenge. However, keep in mind that automated services will give you more features. Also, they have been made available to solve one problem which is searching for email addresses.

There are lots of methods for reverse email lookup. Just choose the one that meets your needs. Paid services are the best if your company deals with bulk data. Make use of these solutions to get better and profitable campaigns created today.