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Published on August 2nd, 2019

In this era where Digital Marketing has taken over the entire marketing landscape and made Content Marketing its core component, does email marketing still hold a good position to attract customers?

Well, You Might Be Shocked, But The Answer Is Yes!

Email Marketing is the process of sending various types of content through emails to subscribers. Email Marketing generally serves the purpose of generating website traffic, leads and sales.

Without any doubt, email marketing is one of the best ideas for small businesses and startups to want to reach out to their target audience without spending too much.

On the other side, Email Marketing can also help the already established businesses to engage with interested customers.

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or quite experience, it is always good to learn something new from the best email marketing campaigns with an aim to improve your email marketing.

Since all of us get tons of automated newsletters day after day, it becomes quite difficult to find a good email marketing campaign to follow.

But, you don’t have to worry. Here is a compilation of the top 10 best email marketing campaign examples.

1. PayPal

This particular email marketing campaign for PayPal does not focus on a specific customer. Rather, they have talked about shopping outings, splitting the bills and other relatable scenarios related to money.

This is an interesting email that will easily grab the attention of the target audience as it talks about a very sensitive issue.

The emailer is very direct and does not beat around the bush. It has a direct headline followed by a brief description & a CTA. They have also explained a 3-step process of sending money and ended the emailer with a CTA.

2. Uber

This email campaign of Uber is very simple yet creative at the same time. In this emailer, Uber has gone straight to the point with a brief text and clear CTA.

These types of emailers are apt for subscribers who usually do not waste a lot of time reading the emailer. In this particular emailer, they have a clear headline followed by a short description and a Call-to-Action.

3. Microsoft

The secret formula for getting more people engaged with your emails is to make them highly interactive.

This is exactly what Microsoft has done with this particular quiz emailer. The colour choice is quite vibrant & attractive. Each of their quiz themed mailer gave the target audience to earn Microsoft Rewards points.

4. Starbucks

This is another best email marketing campaigns that you can take inspiration from. They have divided their emailer into 2 parts. The first part consists of an image of their basic product with a clear caption and description.

In the next part of their emailer, they have mentioned three features that will not only help the customers but will also ensure more engagement. In the end, they have included all their social media handles to promote their business.

5. Adobe

There may be times when you might have different types of customers who may be interested in a similar yet different product from you. You can include two CTA’s simultaneously and give them the option to choose.

In this emailer example of Adobe, there are two different versions of Photoshop with different features but with the absolutely same price.

You can use this example if you want to offer similar yet different products in one email to the same target audience.

6. Hire Vue

This is the best emailer specially designed for customer retention. There may be times when your subscribers won’t just open your emails anymore.

To avoid the situation when your subscribers look forward to hitting the “Unsubscribe” button, you should send this type of email saying goodbye to them. This will give a positive impression of your brand and they will not think you to be clingy.

The emailer has a simple image with “Goodbye” written broadly and a brief message stating that they won’t be sending them any more emails if they don’t click on the CTA. This is a perfect trick of getting back lost subscribers.

7. Trello

This emailer from Trello uses the CTA button in a unique manner. Rather than using the common CTAs like “Read More” and “Click Here”, Trello has “Knock Out Decision” & “Go Undercover” as their CTAs.

Think something out of the box and interesting. Create customized CTAs that are highly relevant to the action that you want your target audience to take.

8. Airbnb

Airbnb’s this emailer has everything that should be there is a perfect emailer campaign like a clear design, proper use of colour, a clear CTA and a minimum copy. They have done a great job in keeping their mails to the point.

9. Leadpages

One of the best email marketing techniques is to make the email conversational. This email example of Leadpages has hit bull’s eye for sure.

The emailer opens with a short story and then moves forward to what the email is all about. While creating an emailer, make sure to write your copy as if you are talking to an actual person.

10. BounceEx

This is a remarkable B2B training invitation B2B webinar invitation emailer. Short & minimalist copy with title, time and date are in the proper place.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the amazing email marketing campaign examples out there that can inspire you with ideas instantly.

The feature that makes these email marketing campaigns the best is that they tap into the wants and needs of the customers. You can also do the same with your emails.

Ensure to get personal & know what your customers exactly want. This will result in a long-term engagement and better returns.

Thus, by learning digital marketing, you can have a strong command over Email Marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your regular emails into something worth clicking.

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