Promote Your Business With Custom Patches That Add To Your Branding Strategy

Promote Your Business

February 23rd, 2018   |   Updated on April 20th, 2024

Businesses are always in the lookout for innovative ways to boost brand awareness. Many are even considering the use of innovative branding techniques online and offline, especially through trade fairs, campaigns, and events. Promoting your business with custom patches is one of the easiest ways to get your brand popular and noticed by a diverse segment of people.

Branding strategies are important for businesses to have good recall value of their offerings, especially in a crowded market. Their USP needs to be distinct in more ways than one. Additionally, one needs to leverage the latest technologies, trends and market interests in inventive ways to make an impression and stand distinct from the crowd.

Leveraging Custom Patches for Promoting your Business

One might not think of embroidered patches as a marketing tool but can certainly aid your branding strategy. By creating a distinct and smart patch for uniforms, jackets, hats, bags and other items, one can make a strong impression about your offerings.

The best part about custom patches is their huge versatility in various applications. One can use full-size back patches for marketing your stuff with a typical logo or branding symbol. The size and style will always be aligned with your business. A good patch supplier can even deliver the design, size, and style that would work in consonance of the market needs. Any distinct patch can grab people’s attention, and by marketing with patches on shirts of volunteers or other community, attire can help in spreading the word about your brand.

Also, one can develop patches with the business name and logo indicating that the staff includes professionals and bound by a common motto. The patches help in boosting customer confidence, especially if the employees are mobile most of the time.


Benefits of attaching custom patches for promotions

  • Patches work great as giveaway items
  • Detailed artwork and design are always attractive to the eye, thus creating a good impression
  • They can work as collectibles for some products with relevant patches
  • They are efficient during trade shows so that people can recall whenever these patches are given with each sale and as mementos during fundraisers
  • Patches are easy to attach to any product with Velcro, iron-on or tape
  • Customers can add branded patches to jackets, backpacks, and other things to create brand awareness.


Designing Effective Patches

One can create custom patches as stand-ins for effective promotional tools and produce a custom design that will reveal the brand and its message to perfection. With expert graphic artists, one can turn the idea of the product into a marketing reality aligned with art or revisions.

Experiment with varied patch sizes and shapes depending on the intention of application. The patches can be developed and designed as required. Every brand continually grows their exposure through the consistent positioning of their offerings for the intended audience and the custom patches can work in tandem to create an effective brand.

Exposure is crucial to the brand and with particular business cards and campaigns, good ads and promotional partnerships; it is easy to market one’s offerings. But with custom patches, there is a certain recall value that goes beyond brand recall. With a good message, it can even be used on varied surfaces and interchanged whenever necessary.


Using Custom Patches – The Marketing Angle!

  • An embroidered patch design including the logo and business name can create a ripple effect for branding purposes.
  • A loyal consumer can use the patch on a laptop case or jacket. It can feature on a travel bag too thus getting visibility wherever these items are carried.
  • Custom patches applied to any fabric or item will get attention. Many people with wear custom patches at airports, coffee shops, or traveling in trains. Those patches can relay the idea in the minds of onlookers.
  • Potential customers happen to see custom patches around, that will drive them to know more about you
  • Wherever your team goes to promote products, they can wear the same patches in every place, giving harmony to the branding strategy, affecting minds of consumers too
  • Have a spokesperson speaking for your brand and its message, thus making it effective with a genuine connection.
  • Get your employees to sport the patches and talk to other people about the experience of work in the company
  • Let the employees flaunt or might pin their patch on a refrigerator at home.
  • Let the patch build brand loyalty and awareness within the network
  • A well-designed patch can really be a work of art


Creating Custom Patches for your Brand

For creating custom patches, decide the text, image, or logo to be embedded on patches. Get taglines or quotes to pep up the patches or use a stand-alone image. But ensure the patch is eye-catching and not too cluttered with the messaging or imagery. You can attach them to hats, caps, jackets, magnets, backpacks and duffle bags.

One can use the patches with heat seal backings, magnetic ones, and soft pile hook & loop. One can even lend the patches to a charity event or fundraiser or sell them for a contest, or use them as free bonuses with sales.