How To Find Someone’s Email Address

How To Find Someone’s Email Address

June 22nd, 2020   |   Updated on August 20th, 2020

SignalHire – Emails And Phone Numbers

What if you could find the email or phone number of any person that you have stumbled upon on social media?

SignalHire’s extension for Chrome can fetch information and operate on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The extension can also work on GitHub in order to find the email or phone number of professionals working in your field.

It only takes one click while having the extension active to import the contact details of any person you have found on social media.

The tool is compatible with all major social media outlets with the purpose of allowing you easy access to professionals or freelancers.

Using SignalHire, you will be able to find personal emails, phone numbers for basically anyone who has access to the Internet and an account on social media.

They boast a 96%-hit rate, which is an unbeatable feature on the market. You can compare it to any other tools that are designed to provide emails or phone numbers. If you want to find emails, then it is hard to find anything better at the moment.

The SignalHire Chrome Extension

  • Is used by thousands while maintaining a 5-star rating and being one of the most reliable email finders;
  • The information is regularly updated and verified in real time so that your sales team will not waste time with bad leads;
  • The information provided can be exported as a contact within all major ATSs and CRMs. Vincere, PCRecruiter,

Compass, Taleo are all supported and fully integrated. And those are just several within a huge list of tools that Signalhire Chrome extension can import into.

SignalHire Subscription

A Free Version

Every month you can use the tool in order to fetch 5 contacts. It is all for free, and the limit is removed every single month.

If you want to use the extension for B2B, then you will be happy to find out that it can be used once every month in order to find out the cell number or the business phone numbers.

Personal or work emails can also be accessed if you have one business profile with a free subscription.

SignalHire Subscription Plan

The lowest price for which you can have access to this amazing Chrome extension is $79 per month. They offer three different options that are suitable for different business sizes.

We strongly suggest you head over to their website in order to figure out which plan would best suit your needs.

With 200 credits, you can purchase a monthly or yearly plan, which is highly customizable.

All features are unlocked if you purchase a subscription, which means that you can search for both emails and phone numbers.

Once you have requested the email or phone number of a potential lead, it will be stored within your contact list for an indefinite amount of time.

If you run into any issues with the software, then you can get in contact with customer support through email or by giving them a call.

Advantages That Come With Using The SignalHire Chrome Extension

It’s just super easy and straightforward. Obtain email addresses and phone numbers without any hassle and without using complicated software.

All your queries will have the most up-to-date information available because they are verified in real-time.

Once you have found a potential lead that fits the profile for your business, then all you have to do is export it directly to your CSV files.

There is an open API that has the purpose of improving profiles. You have the option of performing multiple searches simultaneously and export all the information you have gathered with one click. Obtaining contact details in bulk has never been so easy.

There is no limit on seats if you have access to a team account. Many well-known companies are already using the extension, so maybe it is time for you to start using it.

Amazon, WellCare Health Plans, and MongoDB, just to name a few. There isn’t a more effective way to find email addresses via Chrome.

Will This Be A Good Match For Your Business?

Do you need to improve your database of contacts in order to increase your sales? Contact details are useful for most businesses that have a product or software that they need to be sold. Recruitment, sales, headhunters can benefit greatly from such software.

It can be used both by private professionals and by large corporate teams alike. If your potential clients have a social media account, then it means that with the help of SignalHire, you can simply get in contact with them and pitch your product.

So, if your lead pipeline is running a little dry, then looking into this software can be an amazing idea that will generate business right away.

If your lead pipeline is filled to the brim with unqualified leads, then this could be another reason to expand your horizons with SignalHire.

Valid personal & work emails can be obtained with the press of a button. Try this Chrome extension if you want to increase your sales greatly or have access to the best potential employees.

Most tools that are used in order to collect contact details tend to provide you with the information that was gathered during the last sweep.

And for some of them, the last sweep was performed months if not years before your actual query. Every single time you perform a search using SignalHire, you perform a new query.

This way, if the lead has updated their contact information in the past, you shall have access to the most up-to-date information.

Large companies that have 10.000 employees are already using the SignalHire Chrome extension that offers an edge when it comes to recruitment or sales, that should not be ignored.