Top 4 Benefits Of Yoast SEO Plugin For Your Website

Benefits Of Yoast SEO Plug

Published on August 24th, 2019

All websites perform well with an SEO plugin because Google is the key source of visitors for them.

Though this is an age of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you cannot belittle the importance of WordPress (WP) Yoast SEO plug-in to help your web pages rank high in the SERPs.

The plug-in means more than Meta descriptions and Meta titles for a website or blog. Did you know that there are loads of beneficial features hidden within Yoast SEO? You need to understand the rewards and use it to your advantage.

The plug-in helps to solve tons of your website’s technical SEO problems for enhanced performance and efficiency. All sites and blogs, big or small, should be found on Google so that your business gets quality traffic, leads, and finally sales.

Therefore, if you are having a tough time driving traffic to your site, Yoast SEO is your best bet. It is free and yet you can reap the maximum benefits out of the same.

According to an article published on huffpost, SEO is important for your small business. Search engines like Google rank your website depending on its speed and content and therefore, you should walk the extra mile to boost your site’s SEO so that it loads fast and operates seamlessly.

Yoast SEO boosts your website performance manifold. Sounds good, right? Here are some of the top benefits of Yoast SEO for your website or blog:

1. Drive More Visitors To Your Website

There are plugins to help you drive quality traffic to your web pages, especially Yoast SEO that is unique, bespoke, and SEO-friendly.

Take your site to another level to improve traffic, implementing the best practices in optimization. For example, use Yoast SEO, which is one of the top plugins providing your site an all-inclusive solution.

The plug-in comes with the tools and features to boost your website’s on-page SEO.

There are options to add Meta tags, link your web pages to Google Console, create sitemaps, and optimize the pages for social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

As far as this plug-in is concerned, it has a powerful redirect option that helps website owners to create 301 redirects that are extremely beneficial for their business website or blog.

Yoast SEO also helps to identify changes in URL and generate auto-directs, thus doing away with any of the broken links on your website. So what are you waiting for, huh? Install Yoast SEO to take your website’s performance to the next level.

2. Content Readability

Benefits Of Yoast SEO Plug_1

Search engines such as Google have numerous parameters to provide a rank to a blog post, one of which is useful, informative, and engaging content. Yoast SEO plug-in helps you to improve your site’s content quality. You might be wondering how.

The plug-in makes several recommendations such as the number of word used in a single paragraph, readability of the bog post, the ratio of transition words a post should maintain, the use of passive voice in the content, and things like that.

The use of transition words in your website content enhances readability. People will like to read what you have to say. These transition words are like signals to your targeted readers that some relevant sentences are following in the subsequent line or paragraph.

Yoast SEO also recommends avoiding passive voice in your content. Even if you use, it should be in moderation. Too many passive voices affect readability and confuse the reader. The plug-in recommends the percentage of passive voice in a sentence in your blog post.

Additionally, if you want to learn more about how quality content improves your site’s functionality, you visit platforms such as New York SEO or similar ones.

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3. Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content means those articles in your blog roll of all the posts that your targeted audience should not miss reading at any cost. These articles should rank high in the search engines results pages.

Make sure these posts reflect your business values, mission together with the use of unique and quality content. Use the relevant keywords (KWs) that you would like to use in these posts.

As far as cornerstone articles are concerned, they are long-form content discussing all aspects of a topic. When you write posts, think about those similar articles and link them to that particular post.

The Yoast SEO plug-in comes with an internal linking option that helps you to link the most relevant articles to that particular post. These little things matter a lot to improve your website SEO and performance.

4. Improved Readability And The Use Of Five Search Terms For Each Page

When you integrate Yoast SEO, expect increased visitors from search engines like Google and Bing. The plug-in will also attract more people from social networking sites and boost engagement.

It means that more visitors will come to your website from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to read your blog posts, thus improving the level of engagement.

Though the free version of the plug-in offers many benefits, you need the paid version if you want more website conversions.

The premium version of Yoast SEO will help in KW optimization for five KWs for each web page. These are the search terms to use in your site content so that it ranks high in the search engine results pages.

With this plug-in, you can even check the Google, Twitter, and Facebook previews on the page. The preview matters because it is important for the social media pages and others, thus helping your website to drive more quality traffic than ever.

Yoast SEO has the potential to assess the readability of your content or blog posts and compute the Flesch Reading Ease score.

Simultaneously, you have the option to set the key category for all blog posts and ascertain the categorization for each of the pages on your website.


Though there are more WP plugins to improve your website SEO and performance, the features and benefits of Yoast SEO discussed in this article are sure to enhance your site performance in the days to come.

Upgrade to the premium version of this plug-in for best results.