5 Types Of Relationships You Need For A Better Business Communication Strategy

Better Business Communication Strategy

July 11th, 2019   |   Updated on August 5th, 2019

Companies that adopt and apply a communication strategies into their workplace have undeniable advantages of management and human resources. For example, in Marketing or Public Relations, communication is seen as something all members of a business must have in common. These communication methods must also be understood by their clients.

When there is good management taking place in a business, the internal communication methods in the company will actually help the business grow. With better relationships, there will also be better management. For a better communication strategy, make sure you have the following types of relationships within your company:

What are the 5 Types of Relationships You Need for a Better Communication Strategy?

1. A Business Relationship

A business relationship is about the manager’s vision of the work processes. Communication should help each employee know what their role is, what their responsibilities are and what their obligations are. This includes your function in the company, and what processes you should use when you are trying to reach your goal.

The function of this type of relationship is to launch a specific work process to ensure that employees receive the information they need to work effectively and what their key roles are in the company.

That being said, you can use technology to make sure tasks are separated accordingly. You can use an online call center software that can easily manage how certain employees from each department is reached. This will also allow employees to make calls within the company and to outside clients, just like a regular phone line.

2. A Humanistic Relationship

Relationship, Learning, And Education

This relationship refers to the level of motivation employees have when completing their tasks. The internal communication of a company must allow employees to feel a sense of belonging in the company. They need to feel like their work is appreciated and is not being unnoticed.

With a humanistic relationship, employees will be more likely involved in the company in the long term.

3. A Corporate Culture

Similar to a humanistic relationship, corporate culture is a relevant element in creating a sense of belonging among employees. Internal communication should provide employees a sense of fitting in with the company culture. This will increase participation with employees during community projects.

4. A Social Relationship

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The feeling of belonging should not remain within the walls of the company. Employees must maintain a social relationship with their coworkers and team members. Internal communication is, therefore, an element that allows the communication of identity beyond its location.

Thanks to the internet, coworkers may now speak to each other online which helps promote a sense of belonging within their work community. This will also help transfer their friendly image throughout the entire market.

5. An Institutional Relationship

In addition to the relationships with the company staff members, the company must also maintain a communication with people outside of their workplace, such as their customers.

Employees must understand the company’s relationship with different institutions to learn a little more about the groups they are working with.


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Organizations must adopt an effective communication strategy in order to make the most of their success. There are innovative technologies that help improve the communication of a company.

A call center, for example, will make your workers carry out basic day-to-day tasks much more efficiently. This will help satisfy your customers as they can be directed to the exact customer service member they were looking for.

Good communication methods will help improve an organization’s team work, motivation, and retention rates that will allow your best employees to stay for a longer period of time.

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