Step By Step Guide To Get The Best Photos For Your Blogs

Best Photos For Your Blogs

July 26th, 2019   |   Updated on July 29th, 2019

Blogs are a modern way of communicating your ideas to the audience and conveying your thoughts via the internet. Blogs can be related to newspapers and articles as they work quite like them.

If we are going to through a newspaper, we are more likely to stop and read an article which has pictorial representation of the author’s idea rather than an article that is only filled with text.

Therefore, images play a vital role in blog posts as people are more attracted towards blogs presented with catchy pictures along with the text.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This quote said by Fred R. Barnard is often said that a thousand words are equal to one image.

According to Wikipedia “It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single picture, this picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does”.

But this can be stated as a fact that sometimes a picture ‘that can be either captured or painted, is more effective in demonstrating a notation rather than writing it long texts.

Importance Of Visual Stimulus In Blogs

Step By Step Guide To Get The Best Photos For Your Blogs

Pictures breathe life into your posts as they look more appealing and brighter. There is a higher chance that people will leave your blog if it is dulling and fails to visualize the emotions of the author.

Pictures establish a connection between the author and the readers as it makes your blog more readable and creates a division in text.

All ideas do not require long texts and descriptions as sometimes it creates a hindrance for the readers in interpretation of ideas.

This is again where images create a bridge to the road of ideas written by the author. Not only this, but the images are also beneficial for the author of blogs as it has a greater record in search engines, hence people can reach your blog more easily as you categorize it with images.

If your blog is based upon technicalities about anything like technology that people take time to understand, then here too pictures will greatly play a part to help the audience in going through and understanding things easily.

This idea can be easily understood if for instance, you are running a travel blog and you are going to post about a recent holiday destination of yours.

You can add a description of the trip, mention your adventures but there is a higher chance that the audience will remember your blog if you add some captivating visuals.

Step By Step Process

Getting the right picture for your blog is a step by step process as you can not just directly download a picture and post it on the blog.

Before getting into the steps, it is good to notice how blogs with images have better social media exposure. This can be seen like the posts on your Facebook timeline which is more about visuals as people rarely stop by to read the posts full of texts.

Blogs with images generate a greater audience as it gives the blog a look of professionalism and have a stronger impact in support of the statement you have mentioned in the blog. Now let’s look at the steps needed to get the best photos for your blog:

1. Getting The Right Theme

Step By Step Guide To Get The Best Photos For Your Blogs3

This is an important step that you even consider before you start writing your blog. However, the blog theme has a more important role to play when it comes to pictures rather than texts.

It is better to know how you are going to post your pictures like which theme style and color coordination before you put them up on your blog. You can go for a theme that works well with the outlook of your website.

2. Choosing The Right Search Phrase

Step By Step Guide To Get The Best Photos For Your Blogs3

If you often complain that you can not find relevant images for your blog posts then it must have a strong connection with the phrases that you select for finding the related pictures.

Search phrases are the keywords or a short sentence that you use to find the pictures suitable for your blog. If you search irrelevant texts that it would be difficult to find the related images to be added on your blog.

Therefore, make sure that you use precise language and choose the right words to find the right images for your blog.

For example, if you are looking for some images related to technology then instead of searching “images for technology for blog posts”, try searching “technology icons”.

3. Choosing The Right Image For Your Theme

Best Photos For Your Blogs

This third step is a very crucial one as it has a similar relation to your blog like your text. The choice of your image can either appeal many people and attract them to follow your blog, or either it can force them to exit your blog and never visit it again.

Whenever you would search up the visuals for your blog, you will find hundreds and thousands of related images.

However, choosing the right picture that is strongly coordinating with the theme of your blog is the trick.

Like you can not choose an extremely vibrant image when your blog has a subtle theme of black and white as that would look odd.

4. Where To Find The Pictures

Best Photos For Your Blogs

This is the last step after you have decided that what theme you are going to maintain on your blog and have thought of the relevant search words.

Not everyone is a professional photographer so all of us can not go outside and capture the relevant pictures for the blog.

You can easily find many pictures online on different sites for your blog but there is a copyright restriction. To help you through this, you can buy royalty-free stock photos for your blog.

No matter that you are an expert with writing skills, you might still leave a trail of missed opportunities behind you if you avoid using pictures in your blogs.