Top 15 Social Media Reporting Tools That Can Be Useful For Marketing Agencies

Social Media Reporting Tools

July 17th, 2019   |   Updated on July 23rd, 2019

Ignorance could be a solid shackle dragging down and making your progress slow. For instance, you’ve been trying to manage something, and it hasn’t been easy at all, and finally, you get an insight about a tool that makes managing that particular thing very easy and fast at a more convenient state.

You feel so stupid that you would be blaming yourself for not coming across that specific tool before. There would have been so much you would have achieved if you had known.


Well, that’s the kind of feeling you’ll get reading this article. This article stands to enlighten you about the top 15 social media reporting tools that can be useful for marketing agencies.

Are you a brand or someone who runs a marketing agency? Here is a list of the top best social media reporting tools that would help you keep track, manage, and provide the necessary report concerning your marketing activities on social media.

1. Social Media Management Software | SMhack

This is an advanced level tool that can be of help to you. It can help with three major things- Publishing of quality contents, management of various social media accounts as well as social analysis. When you have a platform readily available that can help with these three things, then you have no problem at all. SMhack provides the necessary breakdown or statistics of your competitors, to be able to their strategies.

2. Coschedule


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This is a remarkable media reporting tool which enables you to identify the right type of content to post at the right time, which will result in something positive.

3. Brand24

This tool is mostly useful for uprising businesses who need data on the other rivals in the industry. In business, you need to be well informed about your competitors’ performance to know how to stay in the game.


4. Keyhole

This is awe-inspiring social media analytical and management tool with several qualities that would help improve your marketing. With keyhole tool, you’ll get to know the number of impressions and click ratio on every post you have. It also assists in simplifying your reports, thereby making it easy to identify what you’re lacking and need to improve on.

5. BrandWatch

In the kind of world, we live in, and information is an essential ingredient in business. When you have the right information, you will know how to attract customers. This tool provides the right kind of data that will assist in the marketing of your products.

6. BrandMention

This is a tool suitable for measuring the progress of your brand as regards PR. It is a good thing to know your position in terms of rank when it comes to your niche. This would help identify the areas where you’re lacking and help you make the necessary improvement. This tool also assists you in keeping track of your reputation in the industry.

7. Meltwater


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Meltwater is yet another fantastic reporting tool with a few additional qualities. It does more than merely social media reporting. It assists the marketers in judging how strong their public relation is as well as provides a necessary connection to social media influencers. From a well-organized and customized dashboard, you can monitor your progress.

8. Reputology

In business, we have different kinds of customers. Some would like your products giving you good reviews while some other clients that don’t get easily satisfied would give ugly comment on your products. This can cause a big problem, thereby ridding off other protective customers. So, reputology helps marketers notice bad reviews so that they can handle them quickly before it causes any havoc business-wise.

9. Quintly

Have you ever tried to compare your progress with a rival on social media, just to know whether you’re behind or ahead? I’m sure you’ll like to see that you are doing better or otherwise to take the necessary steps to move to the next level. This particular tool can help you with that. It also provides a conducive space to manage client comments and conversations, ensuring all their needs are adequately attended to.

10. Oktopost


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This is an excellent software comprehensive monitoring and management your social media marketing team from one platform peradventure you had teams all over the continent. Oktopost’s emphasis is on the b2b establishments, assisting them in managing and reporting.

11. MeetEdgar


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This is another fascinating social media reporting tool which allows for the organization of contents as well as receiving information through feeds. You get to receive notifications now and then, making sure no stone is left unturned. It supports a few major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

12. Netbase

Netbase is a quality analytical and management tool used by big and successful brands such as Coca-Cola and the likes. It is handy for keeping track of the progress of your contents in social media to know if your marketing has been useful to some extent. Also, it also monitors your conversations on all social media platforms it supports.

13. Hootsuite

This is a bit known among social media marketers as it is a great social media automation tool. However, it is also good with reporting. It enables users to organize their contents to be published, helping them make the necessary choice as regards which materials are suitable to be published daily. Besides, it also enables you to keep track of your progress. The few social media platforms it supports include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

14. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is the next on the list. It’s a little different from the previous tool as regards its interface but similar in functionality. It provides marketers or its users with the opportunity to publish contents, engages in several functions, pays attention to every detail and so on. With Agorapulse, you can manage the major social media platforms that we have. They are Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

15. Buffer


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This is one of the social media reporting tools that we deemed fit to make our list. It is advantageous in organizing appointments, schedules, contents to be published as well as the publishing itself to the major social media platforms. These platforms include Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.