7 Google SEO Best Practices To Help Your Small Business Get Noticed

SEO best practices

May 4th, 2020   |   Updated on August 20th, 2020

With the release of a flurry of Google’s algorithm updates, getting top rankings in Google’s search engine results has become a tough task.

Even though you can get instant top search engine rankings using some black-hat SEO techniques, those results won’t last for more than 1-2 months.

Creating tons of shady backlinks will no longer serve the purpose of getting good SERPs at the moment, and it’s merely a waste of time and efforts if you fail to recognise this simple fact.

Discussed below are a few of Google SEO best practices that any competent SEO company India would follow.

1. Forget The Age-Old Link-Building Methodologies

Yes, it is time to get creative with the standard link building strategies that are widely practised by most of the SEO professionals all over the world.

Some of the lesser-known advanced link building strategies can help you dominate SERPs in 2020, which would otherwise seem impossible or relatively tricky.

Don’t try to build low-quality forum profile or blog comment links in 2020; it’s time to play it safe, and focus on creating only high-quality backlinks in this new decade.


2. Target The Keyword Phrase And Set Alerts

Types Of Keywords_1

The basic principle behind this technique is to create a new buzzword (KW phrase), attempt and get the message to follow, and then take over links consequently.

Since everyone who makes use of the words doesn’t need to be more likely to link to your website, you can easily set Google Alerts to catch the mentions of the coined phrase.

In this way, if you can discover all those people who are discussing the phrase initiated by you; this approach can work as a great prospect to obtain many credible high PR links.

3. Create A Share-Worthy Resource And Set Alerts

Just like the previous method, you can create a unique video or whitepaper or infographic and set alerts on the topic, and then begin communicating in groups.

Whenever a query about the subject is made online, you can use it as a great chance to reply to the question with a link pointing to your website.

Also, when you create share-worthy resources such as infographic, it can go viral and give you hundreds, and at times, even thousands of backlinks to your site in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

4. Add Value To Existing Contents

In general, it is a widespread practice to re-examine your best website content, keep advertising it, and continue to enhance it after regular intervals to stay updated.

Rather than submitting a fresh guest post, get in touch with some of the reputed blog owners where you had contributed earlier, and offer an update to the old post to make it 2020-ready; this way you’d get a new backlink from an existing high Page Authority web page.

This advanced approach can certainly help you in creating many powerful backlinks from several high Page Authority web pages in your target niche.

5. Submit Your Business To Only Top Business Directories

The bitter truth is that a majority of article submission directories are precisely inefficient, even though there are few exceptions such as that are worth your efforts and time (since it just takes a minute to create an Orcid profile and get a backlink).

And, gaining entry to some of the top business directories (only relevant) is a good idea, as these backlinks come from reliable corporations, and are a great indication of faith.

These types of backlinks can come from chamber commerce, accrediting organisations, your local library, and business memberships, among others.

6. Google Maps & Google Business Listing

Local businesses can drive tonnes of traffic from Google Maps, and Google business listings as most of them appear at #1 in the organic search result, and grab the lion’s share of organic traffic for several local business search terms like “5 stars hotels in Bangalore”. Almost all leading SEO services in India would vouch for it.

7. Don’t Build Any Automated Poor-Quality Backlinks

Types Of Keywords

Gone are the days of creating multiple automated spammy backlinks and dominating the SERPs with services like BMR (Build My Rank) – if you love your website and don’t want to hide it from Google’s organic search results, stay away from such tactics.

Tools like GSA can be used for building Tier-3 Tier-4 links with automation, but don’t create any tier-1 or tier-2 direct links to your website from any tools in 2020.

In A Nutshell

These are some advanced link building techniques that could help your small business get noticed, by getting top Google search engine rankings, if you follow them sincerely. If you find it to be intimidating, you can always hire an expert SEO company like Techmagnate.