8 SEO Techniques For Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Published on November 1st, 2019

Irrespective of what you wish to promote through your social media campaigning, the marketing tools do not change. It is only the content and the way you apply your SEO techniques that need to be customized.

If you already use SEO Services India for your website, it would be easy to apply the same techniques to your social media as well.

But, if you have never used SEO, you must learn more about it and understand how it can be valuable for your business.

Not everyone who is trying to master social media marketing knows the best ways of combining it with SEO. Some of the ways to do so are discussed in this post:

1. Frequency Or High Quality?

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It is recommended to post frequently as it is believed that if people see your content on a regular basis, it helps to keep them engaged.

A dropping frequency is directly related to reduced engagement, thus reducing your value. If you post frequently, you probably are not able to create very high-quality videos.

If you are known for your video quality, your audiences probably look forward to it and in this case, a low frequency of posting also works as long as it is regular and high quality.

2. Usage Of Keywords

This remains the mainstay of SEO services India is the first technique that should be used for your social media plans. The search engines promote posts based on popularity, but for the purpose of the search, it still relies heavily on keywords.

Select relevant keywords and use them on your page, your articles, your product descriptions, and your post as well. Think of some appropriate keywords that could lead to your post and add them to your content; though, remember not to overdo it.

3. Add An Element Of Fun Or Intrigue

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On social media, people are looking for information for sure, but they are also there for entertainment and de-stressing. Hence, they enjoy posts, which can make them laugh as they engage better with it.

Memes, puns and GIFs related to your business could surely help. Content providing information, which may not be publicly known, adds spice to the content and increases its appeal and hence the popularity.

4. Posts With Images Draw Attention

Posts without images are not as attractive to the social media world as the ones with them. While adding an image, it is important to ensure that it is related to the content, particularly if you are using it as a link to your product website.

An unrelated image could be misleading because people tend to click on the image without reading the text below it. This could further lead to increased bounce rates for your page.

5. Drive Your Brand Through Back Links To Your Website

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Google search could display your social media profile and your posts along with your webpages. This can be made possible by associating your website with your social media posts.

Both together could help increase your ranking on Google as well. This will give your brand a push in a positive direction.

6. Keep Yourself Updated With The SEO Rules

SEO rules for Google have seen many changes in the past. Though the changes are not as frequent anymore, it is important to keep up with them if you want to successfully appear in the search results.

Keyword spamming must be avoided as it is a definite no-no for Google these days. The key factor that impacts the ranking on social media is the number of likes and shares. This could change any time and you must be prepared for the same.

7. Link and Interlink Your Web Pages with Your Social Media

To increase the traffic to your websites and social media sites, you must interlink your web pages as well as link them all to social media pages and any other associated website.

You must also link the separate social media platforms to each other. This is known as being a spider – just as a spider spins a web, you need to cover all the platforms by ensuring that each one leads to the other.

The important aspects to remember for your social media SEO are frequency, structure, headings, links and building interest and engagement.

8. Create Title And Description Using Effective Keywords

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If you are not sure of the right keywords to use, you can generate them using various tools available on the net. The same should be applied across the various platforms and backlinks.

Using one or more tips from the list given above may get you success in parts, but if you combine them all, you can be assured of a smooth drive towards success.

As you use them all, you will know what proves effective for you and you can increase your focus on the same.